UFC on FOX 14 left the MMA world with a lot to talk about. It was the largest European event of all time, Anthony Johnson shocked the world with a first round knock out of Alexander Gustafsson, and Makwan Amirkhani debuted in the UFC.

Makwan “Mr. Finland” Amirkhani wasn’t a well known fighter prior to his debut against Andy Ogle at UFC on FOX 14, but if you saw the event you know why he is included in the shortlist of story lines to come out of the event. Coming into the event he was an underdog with a good record, but he was fighting out of organizations you have most likely never heard of. Upon a more examined look at his record, he clearly isn’t that well rounded. He had won eight of his eleven victories by submission.

When the bell rang at UFC on FOX 14, he ran to the middle of the octagon and delivered a flying knee that crumpled Ogle and followed up with strikes until the ref pulled him off. Color commentator Joe Rogan questioned the stoppage, but rather than voicing it in a moderate fashion from the booth, he asked the debuting fighter what he thought of the stoppage during the post fight interview. Twitter lit up with MMA fans questioning Rogan’s judgement and professionalism.

It was at this point that Amirkhani’s personality began to shine. Without a thought he answered Rogan with a compliment and asked him for a hug. Following the event he was brought into a post fight scrum session with the media where he was candid and humble, while still charming all around him.

In the post-fight press conference, it was brought up that he had a video of himself on YouTube that had gone viral. Of what you may ask?  Amirkhani eating an apple. The humor didn’t escape him and he played off the potentially embarrassing video into his favor. He was also awarded a $50,000 bonus for his efforts against Andy Ogle. When asked what he would do with the money he responded with a heartfelt story that pulled at the emotional strings of anyone that has experienced poverty.

Explaining how he, his sister and his mother live in a small two-room apartment he shared that he would be purchasing the best possible bed he could for his mother, who has been sleeping on a mat in the living room. His looks and suave personality will take him far provided that his skills in the cage continue to show themselves in similar fashion, but the humanity of that story will take him farther. Fans latched on to McGregor in the beginning for a number of reasons, but he too was open about his impoverished lifestyle.

In the world of prize fighting, it’s all about relating to the athletes. Amirkhani has a story with many layers, and it’s all very honest and real. While he told the story he maintained a smile, but you could see the pain and his genuine happiness for the money he had earned. If he can do anything like what he did to Andy Ogle to his future opponents, the sky is the limit for him.

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