On Saturday, February 14, the UFC landed in Broomfield, Colorado to bring fight fans everywhere UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Thatch live from 1st Bank Center.

In the night’s main event we saw welterweight knockout artist and local hero Brandon Thatch take on former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson, who moved up in weight in order to save the card after several injuries forced not one, but three fighters out of the scheduled main event.

Thatch (11-1), a Denver native, enter this  bout as one of the hottest prospects in all of mixed martial arts. In his most recent outing, ‘Ruckus’ walked away with a first round submission victory over Paulo Thiago at UFC Fight Night 32 in November 2013. This performance not only marked Thatch’s second straight win under the UFC banner, but also gave him his 10th straight first round stoppage victory.

Henderson (21-5), also a former WEC champion, was last seen on the receiving end of a split decision to Donald Cerrone at UFC Fight Night 59. Following the bout he clamored for a quick turnaround in order to erase the bitter taste of defeat. While he ended up getting his wish, it looked as if he may have bitten off more than he could chew due to Thatch’s five inch height advantage

Also appearing on the card was a featherweight matchup between Max Holl0way and TUF 5 veteran Cole Miller as well as a welterweight contest between the surging Neil Magny and Japanese import Kiichi Kunimoto.

The entire main card aired on Fox Sports 1. For complete results and a full recap of every main card fight see below.


Benson Henderson  vs. Brandon Thatch-

Round 1: Main event time, here we go. Less than ten seconds and Benson threw his first leg kick. Henderson’s strategy seemed to be to circle around Thatch and make him chase him. Thatch was moving forward, stalking Henderson and they exchanged kicks. Henderson landed a few big body shots, but Thatch followed those with a clean straight right to the chin of Benson. Henderson kept targeting the body and Thatch kept responding well, throwing several head kicks. That will be a tough round to score.

Round 2: Henderson started the second round by trying to close the distance and take the fight to the clinch. Thatch continued to move forward. Henderson did a good job of staying busy, Thatch matched him in that capacity. Henderson continued to target the body, but Thatch was able to find openings of his own and may have stunned Henderson. Thatch was the aggressor for most of this round, clearly was the stronger fighter and pushed Benson to the ground. This has been a big round for Thatch, who found his distance and tripped Benson again.

Round 3: Thatch continued his success to begin the third round. Benson stayed busy and at 170 pounds, still had plenty of energy. Henderson tried to clinch again, but Thatch met him with a knee that backed Benson up. Benson got a takedown attempt and with half the round left was able to get Thatch’s back. Benson was patient, got a body lock and tried to set up a choke with strikes to Thatch. Benson switched to an armbar, but Thatch rolled out and on to his feet. Best round for Benson thus far.

Round 4: Thatch’s eyes seemed swollen to start the first of the championship rounds. First shot of the round was a nice left by Benson. Henderson went for a single leg, but Thatch was able to defend it. Henderson timed a punch by Thatch perfectly and secured another takedown with more than two minutes left. Benson passed and got the back again of Thatch. Henderson dragged Thatch back to the ground and secured the back again. He went for the choke and got it! Henderson won with the rear naked choke!

Max Holloway vs. Cole Miller-

Round 1: Holloway looked to get the leg kick working early to start the fight. Holloway landed a big body kick with a left hook to follow, which might have been the best shot landed thus far in the round through three minutes. Holloway clinched Miller into the cage and Mill thought about pulling guard, but Holloway wisely backed away. Miller pulled guard with less than a minute in the round and went for a heel hook, but Hollow scrambled to escape and regain control. Good round for Holloway.

Round 2: Miller started to look more comfortable in the stand up to start the second round. Holloway landed a clean spinning back kick and Miller responded with a decent hook of his own. Miller went for a takedown, Holloway avoided it and motioned for Miller to stand back up. Holloway feinted with a jab and landed a big spinning back fist, which seemed to have stunned Miller. The fight was paused because of an accidental headbutt and Miller was bleeding from a cut above the left eye. We could hear the referee saying it was accidental. Miller motioned for the fight to continued and on we went. Holloway started to find a home for his combinations toward the end of the round. Miller wrapped Holloway up in a clinch, but it wasn’t for long as Holloway escaped. Another good round for Holloway, Miller needed the finish to win the fight. Miller complained to the ref that he received another headbutt to end the round.

Round 3: Holloway pressed forward to begin the third and final round. Coming forward with a combination, Holloway ended it with a spinning back fist that landed on Miller. Holloway’s head movement was beautiful, ducking under Miller’s hooks and returning back with great counters. Miller threw a big left, but Holloway ducked under and stunned Miller with yet another counter punch. Holloway really found his rhythm in the third round, peppering Miller with combinations. Miller pulled guard with less than a minute left in the fight, Holloway stood back up and separated from the guard. Miller’s face was pouring blood to end the fight and Holloway tried to end the fight with several spinning heel kicks, but we went the distance.

Neil Magny vs. Kiichi Kunimoto-

Round 1: Not long past the opening bell, Magny went for a clinch, but Kunimoto was able to spin into control of the clinch. Magny landed a low knee during the clinch, the fight was paused but Kinimoto was alright. Magny continued to move forward and landed a beautiful combination against Kunimoto. Kunimoto changed levels for a takedown, but was defended against the cage well by Magny. Magny dominated the end of the round, landing big shots out of the clinch and when they separated was able to land against Kunimoto from a comfortable distance.

Round 2: Magny continued his striking dominance to begin the second round. Kunimoto was able to get a takedown against the cage and Magny struggled to get back to his feet. Magny was able to get into full guard and land some nice shots before separated and getting to his feet. Magny came forward and really hurt Kunimoto, but Kunimoto responds with a big punch of his own. Magny changed levels and got a trip, but Kunimoto grabbed onto an arm looking for a kimura. There was nothing there though and Magny was able to get the back. The fight was almost stopped, but Kunimoto survived to the bell. Kunimoto needed the finish to win going into the final round.

Round 3: Magny came forward, landed a nice combination, and secured a takedown to start the round. Not long after that, Magny got the back and started to rain down heavy shots. Magny secured the rear naked choke, it was deep. Kunimoto had no choice but to tap. Great performance by Magny.

Daniel Kelly vs. Patrick Walsh-

Round 1: Walsh started the fight being the aggressor, but Kelly was able to find some places to land here and there. Walsh’s punches mainly consisted of swooping hooks and wild punches. Kelly hurt Walsh with a big shot, but he was cautious and didn’t pursue the finish. He may not have realized he hurt Walsh. Kelly clearly got the better of the exchanges toward the second half of the round; Walsh continued to only look for big, one-shot knockout punches and found little to nothing. Walsh got a late takedown, which might have come back to steal the round.

Round 2: Kelly started off with a couple of jabs, but was met with two big left hooks by Walsh. The fight was paused because Kelly’s mouthpiece was knocked out. This fight wasn’t clean by any means; Kelly landed a few 1-2 combinations and stuffed a takedown attempt by Walsh. Walsh’s mouthpiece also fell out as the boos were coming down from the seats. The fight, through two rounds, seemed more like a bar fight then the third fight on a UFC main card. Fans were unhappy at the conclusion of the second round.

Round 3: The final round began like the last round ended: sloppy and with boos raining down on to the Octagon. Kelly would find Walsh first with a jab when Walsh would come in with wild, swooping haymaker attempts. Honestly, neither fighter looked good throughout the entire bout and the decision will reflect that. Both guys finished the fight with a few punches here and there, but the crowd seemed to hate it and let the guys know about it in the end.

Michel Prazeres vs. Kevin Lee-

Round 1: Prazeres got a takedown early in the round, actually got the back of Lee, but Lee stood up and got out of the situation quickly. Once the fight moved to the feet, Lee started to get the better of exchanges and Lee was landing combinations cleanly. Nothing of note took place in the last minute, but it might be a tough round to score because of the early takedown by Prazeres.

Round 2: Lee started the second round with a nice combination, but Prazeres locked him up in the clinch. Lee was able to land big elbows and defend the takedown well. Prazeres started to look gassed. Prazeres was able to score a takedown, but wasn’t able to do anything with it. Lee stood back up and scored an easy takedown of his own. The fight moved back to the feet, but Lee was able to get another takedown against an exhausted Prazeres. Lee dominated the position to the end of the round. He went into the final round possibly up 2-0 on the cards.

Round 3: Both fighters looked tired in the final round, but Lee started it by landing the jab well. Prazeres was able to find some counter shots, went for the takedown but it was stuffed by Lee. They separated from the clinch against the cage and Lee got another takedown against an spent Prazeres. Prazeres was locked on a single leg and Lee started delivering heavy hammer fists against the hurt and exhausted Prazeres. Lee ended the round by throwing Prazeres to the ground, almost locking in a rear naked choke, but Prazeres made it to the end of the round. This should go to Lee.

Ray Borg vs. Chris Kelades- 

Round 1: Borg scored a takedown within a minute of the opening round. Kelades looked for a few submissions, but Borg had the superior ground game early, passing into side control and posturing up against the cage. With about two minutes left, the fight went back to the feet, but Borg landed another big takedown. Borg scored another takedown toward the end of the round, moved to the mount and almost locked up an arm triangle. Kelades, however, made it to the end of the round.

Round 2: Borg continued his domination on the ground in the second round. Kelades had no room to even move for most of the round because of Borg’s constant pressure. Borg almost had another choke with a north-south position toward the end of the round, but Kelades escaped and made it to the bell once again.

Round 3: Kelades tried to come out punching, knowing he needed the knockout, but Borg’s ground control and takedowns were just two dominant to allow Kelades any sort of chance. Borg got the half guard position in the second half of the final round and stepped over for the kimura. Kelades tapped and the fight was over. Dominant performance by the rising prospect in Borg. Expect big things.



Benson Henderson def. Brandon Thatch by submission (RNC). Round 4, 3:58.
Max Holloway def. Cole Miller by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).
Neil Magny def. Kiichi Kunimoto by submission (RNC). Round 3, 1:22.
Daniel Kelly def. Patrick Walsh by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27).
Kevin Lee def. Michel Prazeres by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-27).
Ray Borg def. Chris Kelades by submission (kimura). Round 3, 2:56.


Efrain Escudero def. Rodrigo Lima by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) .
Chas Skelly def. Jim Alers by TKO (strikes). Round 2, 4:49.
Zach Makovsky def. Tim Elliott by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).
James Moontasri def. Cody Pfister by submission (rear naked choke). Round 2, 1:49.

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