The past few weeks have been tough ones for MMA fans. With all the bad news coming out involving steroids and other failed drug tests fans, the media, and even the fighters needed something to get rid of that down feeling we have been feeling. Enter Benson Henderson.

Henderson stepped into a new weight class on short notice against Brandon Thatch to save UFC Fight Night 60. Both men did more than do that and delivered a fight we will remember forever. In a fight that had one of the most evident size differences in UFC history Thatch showed early why he is one of the fastest rising prospects in the welterweight division. Henderson then showed the heart of the champion, taking over in the championship rounds and earning a submission victory.

So take out a toothpick in honor of Bendo as you relive that fight and the rest of the highlights and news from the past weekend below.

UFC Fight Night 60


Bellator 133

Legacy FC 38

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There you have it. All of the news and all of the fights from a packed Valentine’s Day weekend. I can’t say it enough. If you haven’t watched the Ben Henderson-Brandon Thatch fight, go do so right now. It epitomizes everything that is right about mixed martial arts and was one of the most inspirational performances in history. We will be back again next Monday after the UFC’s trip to Brazil to recap everything in case you missed it.