By now, we have all heard about how Ronda Rousey destroyed Cat Zingano in 14 seconds; although, one could argue (to side with Judo Gene Lebell) that the fight was over at 12.83 seconds. Regardless, we can all agree that if you blinked, you missed the fight. This quick tap out has allowed Rousey a great deal of attention. So much so, she will be starring in the film Mile 22, where she will be featured as a CIA agent. Rousey has decided to take time off from fighting in order to make this movie.

However, has this rush of fame flooded in too fast? We have all been waiting for the day Rousey agrees to go head to head with Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino, who previously sat at the throne with a 46 second K.O. In a recent Twitter dispute, Cyborg calls out Rousey about her time off, asking her if she needs Lorenzo’s number.

One would think after beating Zingano in 14 seconds face-to-face, Rousey would have no problem coming back from that. Wrong. Rousey’s mother was the clever one, tweeting back, “I’ll give you a number- 135.”

We can only hope that these social media arguments will lead to the fight we are all waiting for, so impatiently. But, what if it turns in a completely different direction? Former Cowboy’s wide receiver Jesse Holley claims that if he got in the ring with Ronda Rousey, it would all be over from there.

Better watch what you say, Holley, or AnnMaria De Mars might enter the cage.

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Colter Lindstrom grew up scrapping with friends involved in the local MMA gym and Martial Arts Sports Academy. While a shoulder injury prevented a future in fighting, he continues his love for the sport. He is earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing at Full Sail University, where he works on perfecting his coverage details. ​