The UFC is heading to Dallas for UFC 185. It isn’t the greatest pay-per-view card ever, but it’s really good never the less. The second fight into the main card is a fight between two of the biggest names in the heavy weight division, Alistair Overeem and Roy Nelson.

Both men have seen better days in terms of their recent records. Nelson only has one victory in his last four fights, and Overeem has won two out of his last four. Nelson has a worst record if you’re looking at his most recent performances, but it still feels as though Overeem is in the hot seat a bit more than Nelson.

Nelson was knocked out by Mark Hunt in his last outing, but that was only the second time he had ever been stopped in his thirty fight career. Overeem on the other hand has shown very clear signs of losing his chin. While he is one of the most technical strikers in the UFC, he has been knocked out nine times in his professional mma career. That doesn’t include the damage he has taken in professional kick boxing either. For Overeem, regardless of his record or how many fights he wins, if he get’s knocked out the way he has been recently it could mean the end of his career. This is a winnable fight for him, and here is how he can do it.


Nelson is dangerous everywhere. He has a phenomenal jiu-jitsu game, but he hasn’t really had to use it in the UFC. His hands tend to take care of things. With Overeem’s largest defect being his chin, he will have to move in and out of danger quickly. If Nelson’s overhand right connects, it’s most likely  lights out for anyone.


If Overeem can’t put away Nelson early he is going to have his hands full. Though Nelson looks like an out of shape, baked goods aficionado, he is dangerous from the first to the final bell. Overeem’s agility, timing, and power all go out the window if he get’s tired. Nelson will certainly capitalize on it if he see’s him waining.


Hunt recently knocked out Nelson, it was the first knock out defeat that he suffered in the UFC. If Overeem can time things properly he can deliver a high kick that could put out the lights. Nelson tends to lean forward a bit when he is delivering the power punches. If Overeem can deliver a strike as Nelson comes in, he could find himself on a winning streak for the first time in almost four years.


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