DraftKings.com is one of the largest and most recognizable fantasy sports sites on the web. Every day, DraftKings offers a slew of daily fantasy sports games for real money and now that MMA is part of the action fight fans have been flocking to the site to try their hand at fantasy MMA.

As such we here at The MMA Corner want to help our readers finish in the money so every fight week we will offer up tips and advice for putting together your DraftKings Fantasy MMA contest lineups.

Before we get into this week’s guide let’s review the basics of Fantasy MMA.

For each contest participants will be given a $50,000 salary cap to select a five-fighter lineup. The fighter pool will consist of all fighters expected to be competing in the upcoming event. Fighter salaries are determined by their past performances and they have nothing to do with what fighters are actually making.

Fighters score points in two ways. First there is move scoring; +0.5 for significant strikes, +1 for advancing position, +2 for takedowns, +2 for reversals or sweeps and +3 for knockdowns. Then there are fight conclusion bonuses; +100 for a first round win, +70 for a second round win, +50 for a third round win, +40 for a fourth round win, +40 for a fifth-round win and +25 for a decision win. Fight scoring will be based on FightMetric statistical data.

Winning/placing is based on the total score of your five fight lineup.

On tap for this week’s Fantasy MMA contests is UFC 185: Pettis vs. dos Anjos.

First and foremost the most important key to putting together a winning Fantasy MMA lineup is, understanding the true value of win bonuses. When you are selecting your fighters always make sure to take fighters you believe will win the fight. At the end of the contest those win bonuses add up and they separate the contest winners from the losers.

Sleeper Pick

At just $8,100, heavyweight Josh Copeland is a great sleeper pick here. Even though he didn’t look great in his UFC debut and he is facing a talented wrestling, Copeland is a fighter to keep an eye on. Prior to his UFC debut, Copeland had won back-to-back fights via TKO and both of Jared Rosholt’s loses have been by knockout; the perfect recipe for an impressive upset.

Tip of the Week

Take Roy Nelson over Alistair Overeem. On paper, Overeem seems like the clear favorite here, but I just don’t but it. He’s the more technical striker, but he gets caught all too often against lesser strikers. Nelson has the chin to walk through most of Overeem’s attacks and he has the power to put him to sleep. Nelson may not be technical on the feet, but he knows how to drop the hammer.

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