Welcome to The Fuller Fight Factor LIVE, a semi-periodical show focusing on the world of combat sports, health and fitness, veterans issues and overall awesomeness. In this edition, host Justin Fuller is joined by Joe Warren.

Joe Warren is a professional mixed martial arts fighter who is the current bantamweight champion for Bellator MMA. He is the former featherweight champion as well as the winner of the Season 2 featherweight tournament and Season 9 bantamweight tournament for Bellator MMA. His next fight takes place at Bellator 135 on March, 27 where he will defend his title against Marcos Galvao in a rematch of their 2011 bout which saw Warren walk away with a unanimous decision victory.

The following are the highlights from this episode.

Warren on his matchup with Galvao

“I never really look for fights, I just fight the ones they put in front of me. It’s a job for me, and I’m just going to work again to get this paycheck. So put another Brazilian in front of me and I’m going to crush him like I do the rest of them and put him to sleep in the Bellator cage.”

On the change of format

“The tournament format was extremely hard. I was fighting three fights in three months and then the title fight. [As] the champ, sometimes that was a longer wait to fight. So for them to pull [the tournament] out of there gives us more time to be active…and promote the fights and get everyone excited about it. Yeah, it’s a little different but that old format is seriously what brought Bellator to what is was. And now Scot’s here to bring it away from there and make it more of a fight league, and I think that’s what you’re seeing. You’re seeing what Scott Coker does best is the match-ups and making the big shows and brining people to the screen to watch up.

On CrossFit

“It will kill you man, CrossFit will. That’s the exact definition of over training, it’s CrossFit. Ok? Your body is not supposed to do that. It’s a fad right now, and you’re seeing a lot of people end up hurting themselves. I think it’s great if you do it during some classes and you’re not trying to kill yourself. I watch some of these people in our gym do CrossFit and I was like ‘holy shit,’ they’re killing themselves every day. I’m not really involved in it, and not a huge supporter of it.”

On CrossFit Games

“I like that, I’m a big fan of [CrossFit Games]. Athletic Recon is an athletic apparel that sponsors me and they sponsor all the CrossFit world champs and they had me watch it. they’re bad asses, man, I’ll tell you that much, I’m not taking anything from them. I’m just saying as the normal every day Joe off the couch every single day, it might be a little too much for you.”

On the paleo diet and other fad diets

“I don’t get into the diets, man. I don’t even understand the diets. I just don’t! Phase IV Athletics, Bob Forster, they send me a list of like 50 things I can have for breakfast, lunch, dinner and believe me it’s everything I would want to eat is on that list. It doesn’t seem to be a problem. These people that are on these diets, I think they’re looking for something to worry about. They’re scared of what they’re doing anyways.”

Bellator 135 takes place at WinStar World Casino in Thackerville, Okla. The event will air live on Spike TV and is headlined by Warren and Galvao. The card will also feature a 135-lbs bout between L.C. Davis and Hideo Tokoro, as well as the return of former top-10 UFC fighter Francis Carmont to competition as he takes on Guilherme Viana in a middleweight matchup.

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  • Russ Greene

    An MMA fighter warns people about the risks of CrossFit. That’s rich.