Saturday, March 14, 2015, The UFC is heading to Dallas for UFC 185. The main event is a quality match up between two of the very best fighters in the world, Rafael Dos Anjos and Anthony Pettis. The lightweight division is considered by many to be the most talent rich division in the sport. Anthony Pettis is a strong champion with an impressive career, and after his last bout with Gilbert Milendez, he seems unstoppable.

Dos Anjos has been in the UFC since 2008. It’s hard to believe, but he debuted in the organization at UFC 91. The last couple years he has done well and gained the recognition necessary to get him into this fighter. Realistically, he is getting this fight because Khabib Nurmagomedov is out on a knee injury, but he is the right man for the job. Dos Anjos won eight out of his last nine fights as his lone defeat was actually to Nurmagomedov. So, who better to challenge the champ?

Pettis has only been defeated twice in his entire professional career. Defeating Pettis is going to be a tall order for Dos Anjos, but he is certainly a skilled fighter.

Here are Rafael Dos Anjos’ keys to victory.


Pettis has only gone the distance three times. It may not be likely that that fight goes the distance, but if it goes into later rounds, Dos Anjos must have his wits about him. If he get’s tired Pettis will find a way to finish him, and possibly in brutal fashion. The skills that Dos Anjos possesses may allow him to get into the later rounds with Pettis as well.

Take it to the Ground

Pettis is dangerous on the ground. He has proven it recently with submission victories over Benson Henderson, and Gilbert Milendez. With that in mind, Dos Anjos must be mindful of his ground skills. Dos Anjos has eight submissions himself. He may be able to nullify Pettis’ and maintain top control.  The biggest threat Pettis brings to the table is his striking and with that out of the picture Dos Anjos increases his chances of winning quite a bit.

Controlled Pressure

In Pettis’ last title defense, some signs of weakness were emerging. Gilbert Melendez was able to shut Pettis’ strikes down by staying close to him, and being very aggressive. Unfortunately, that is also what led to Melendez being guillotined. If Dos Anjos is able to apply the pressure, but remain strategic and controlled he will find success, but he can’t make a single mistake.


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