After a disappointing performance that cost him the UFC welterweight championship, Johny Hendricks heads into UFC 185 ready to make a statement. Taking on long time veteran, Matt Brown, Hendricks will have a great opportunity to showcase his skills and remind the fans just how good he really is.

A four-time NCAA Division I All-American and a two-time National Champion, Hendricks is one of the best pure wrestlers in the UFC today. But because of his vicious knockout power, Hendricks has neglected that part of his game in the Octagon.

Brown is a dangerous opponent for anyone, but one paper he isn’t on Hendricks’ level. Hendricks has the better resume and he has the better skill set. This bout is Hendricks’ opportunity to answer all of the questions we have about him.

Will Hendricks get the weight cut right?

Hendricks isn’t the biggest welterweight in the world – he’s a big guy, but he’s not a monster like Thiago Alves – but he’s had two bad weight cuts in a row now and it visibly affected his performance in the cage. Hendricks’ problem has always been his inability to control his weight between fights. Based on what he has been saying leading up to this fight, it sounds like he has those issues under control now. But we won’t know for sure until we see what he looks like when he steps on the scale.

Will Hendricks get back to basics?

There is no question that Hendricks has brutal power in his hands, but that doesn’t excuse the fact that he has neglected his wrestling. His wrestling credentials are phenomenal he chooses not to utilize that crucial weapon enough. Brown’s best chance at winning this fight is on the feet, so it would be in Hendricks best interest to take the fight to the ground. Although Hendricks isn’t known for his submission game, Brown has been submitted nine times in his career and on the mat is where he is the most vulnerable.

Can Hendricks return to his championship form?

Hendricks knows what it feels like to have that championship belt around his waist and he’s hungry to feel that again. One fight removed from losing his title Hendricks needs to prove that his title reign was not a fluke. He needs to show off all of the weapons in his arsenal to put current champion Robbie Lawler and the rest of the welterweight division on notice.

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