MMA has come a long way since its inception; it has grown from being a gritty toughman-esq competition that just wanted to find out what martial arts style was the best, into a true sporting event and martial art all its own. MMA today looks nothing like it did in the early days and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to reminisce about the good ole’ days.

The one part of MMA we truly miss in its modern form is the “Freakshow Fight”. For those of you who don’t know, a “Freakshow Fight” is a fight that pits two fighters against each other that have no business fighting; generally there is a crazy size difference between the fighters.

So in honor of our love for “Freakshow Fights”, we at The MMA Corner will share our favorite videos of our favorite fights that had no business ever taking place.

This week we travel back to Shooto – Shoot the Shooto XX in Yokohama, Japan on April 26, 1998, where the world’s largest athlete Emmanuel Yarborough took on Japan’s Tatsuaki Nakano.

The size disparity between the two men was staggering. Yarborough was nearly a foot taller than Nakano and roughly three times his size. And Yarborough used his size advantage unlike any other fighter in the history of the sport.

We’ve all heard of “lay and pray” well Yarborough employed a strategy we like to call “lay and crush”. Yarborough literally laid his massive frame on Nakano’s face until he was forced to tap out. It is without question the most glorious fat guy submission in MMA history.


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