The UFC has had started the year with an incredible lineup and a series of successful pay-per-views. The numbers have done well, the cards have been exciting, we’ve gotten new champions and new prospects to watch.

When it comes to building PPVs, the UFC has been on it’s game to start 2015 and the planned ones for the spring and summer look fantastic. So how does one build the perfect main card to a PPV? What are the kinds of matchups would be on it? Obviously, it’s not realistic to make every single fight on the main card a title fight, so how do you back up a championship fight?

I thought I’d dissect a main card and see what would go into building a perfect one. We’ll say it will have five fights with a maximum of two title fights.

The opening fight

I think UFC 185 had this one perfectly. I’d put a talented prospect with championship potential like Henry Cejudo in the opening fight. Getting guys like this pay-per-view experience helps prepare them for the bright lights of a championship fight. It shows their talents to a bigger audience than prelims and you just have to hope they show their true potential.

Honorable mention: Two heavyweights guaranteed to get a knockout.

The second fight

A pay-per-view needs to have names that the casual fan will recognize. Adding a couple of veterans that aren’t necessarily title contenders anytime soon could perfectly slide into this slot. Take UFC 186 for example, Michael Bisping vs. C.B. Dolloway.  Both are ranked, both have plenty of main card experience and name recognition, but both are at least three fights away from a title shot.

Honorable mention: Lightweights who are allergic to decisions.

The third fight

This one should decide a challenger for an upcoming title fight. UFC 187 nailed it with Khabib Nurmagomedov vs. Donald Cerrone. We will see the next contender for lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos emerge from this fight, the third on the main card for UFC 187, which almost even better than any perfect main card you or I could ever make.

Honorable mention: Any big-name legends on the verge of retiring.

The co-main event

I would put a smaller weight’s championship fight or a new champion like Rafael dos Anjos in the co-main event of this card. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t headline a card with this type of fight, but on a perfect card it’s the co-main event.

Honorable mention: A contender fight for the same weight class as the main event.

The main event

This one has to push the needle. If we are building the perfect, realistic pay-per-view, I’m looking at Jon Jones, Connor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, etc. A championship fight with a proven draw and fans that either love them or hate them, that’s what is the main event of a perfect card.

Honorable mention: Brock Lesnar.

About The Author

Blane Ferguson
Associate Editor/Senior Staff Writer

Blane can trace his MMA roots, like many others, to the finale of the first Ultimate Fighter season between Stephan Bonnar and Forrest Griffin. After watching that incredible fight and cleaning the local Blockbuster of any recorded UFC pay-per-views they had, Blane was hooked on watching the sport and he carried that passion with him to the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. Blane is a four-year broadcasting veteran of ASU's campus radio including a founder and co-host of the station's combat sports show, The Final Round.