Titan FC 33: Night of Champions is finally upon is. In total there will be four championship fights. You read that correct. The Titan FC bantamweight, featherweight, lightweight, and heavyweight championships will all be defended. Not only is it an astonishing number of title fights, but the card is full of names that you will recognize.

The main event is a title fight between the defending featherweight champion, Desmond Green, and Kurt Holobaugh is certain to produce a great fight. Both men are so close to reaching the pinnacle of the sport, and a loss at this time would be devastating for both of them.

The Co-Main Event is a heavyweight title fight between Chase Gormley.  Gormley is riding a four fight winning streak, and a win over Jon Madsen would certainly raise his stock. Madsen on the other hand is coming off of a successful return to the sport after a three year lay off. Prior to his time off, he was only defeated by Mike Russo, and accumulated a total of four straight victories in the UFC.

Titan FC 33: Night of Champions kicks off at 8:30 pm est on cbssports.com and the main event follows at 11:oo pm on CBS Sports Network on Friday, March 2o, 2o15.

Main Card Summary

Main Event:Desmond Green vs. Kurt Holobaugh for the featherweight championship

Round 1: Green comes forward, and they start to exchange. Green is looking very technical, while Holobaugh is doing well, but definitely swinging for the fences. Holobaugh lands a big overhand right, but Green looks fine. Holobaugh is attacking the lead leg.Green is starting to connect. They clinch and Green takes him to the ground. Holobaugh has an active guard, but Green is connecting with some good ground and pound. Holobaugh scrambles to his feet. The bell rings and Green should have that round in the bag.

Round 2: They are both coming forward, but Green is doing well with evading most of Holobaugh’s attempts. Holobaugh connects with one of his looping rights, but Green’s chin is holding up. Holobaugh is starting to connect to the body with kicks. Both men are attempting, but aren’t connecting on much. Green is getting some jabs in and circling back out. Holobaugh continues throw kicks to Green’s legs. Holobaugh is holding the center of the cage well and landing more significant strikes. With just under a minute left Green takse him down. Holobaugh gets back to his feet and awa from Green. Looks like Green got hit with a low blow on as the bell hit. It looks like Holobaugh took that round.

Round 3: Holobaugh comes out and establishes control of the center of the cage. He rushes Green, but Green backs out of the way. Holobaugh continues to mix up the striking, while Green attempts to stay out of reach. Holobaugh scores what appears to be a knock down on Green, but he gets back to his feet quickly, it was a slip. Green gets a take down, but Holobaugh get’s right back to his feet. Green gets him back to the ground, and this time holds him there. Holobaugh scrambles back to his feet. It’s a close round, but Holobaugh may have eked it out.

Round 4: Green is landing some strikes early on, but nothing of too much consequence. Holobaugh is starting to find a home for his hands, and when he lands it’s more significant. Green is staying on the outside and not able not get off to much offense. Holobaugh continues to sneak in strikes and he stuffs another take down attempt. Green continues to back away. Definitely Holobaugh’s round.

Round 5: Holobaugh and Green come forward and Green attempts a take down, but he can’t complete it. They echange a bit on the way out. Green continues with his foot work and jabs while Holobaugh comes forward. Holobaugh connects with a solid punch, and Green secures a take down. Green takes his back and is loading up on knees. They break apart and Holobaugh rushes forward. He doesn’t connect and Holobaugh is opened up. Holobaugh is chasing Green down and in the final seconds he takes Green’s back. Tough round to score. To the judges we go.

Kurt Holobaugh def. Desmond Green by split decision (48-47,49-46, 48-47) for the featherweight championship

Co-Main Event: Jon Madsen vs. Chase Gormley for the heavyweight championship

Round 1: The fight begins with both man respecting each other, but then Madsen unloads some big punches. Gormley makes it through a flurry of punches and clinches up. They break up and Madsen continues to be the faster man on the feet. Gormley shoots in, but the attempt is shrugged off by Madsen. They exchange big punches, but they back out of each others range and continue to respect each others hands. Gormley has a cut opened up, and Madsen seems to have the edge.

Round 2: Gormley attempts to establish the center of the cage, but Madsen continues to advance. Madsen connects with a big over hand right, but Gormley has a great chin. Gormley connects on a low and a body kick, but nothing too significant. Madsen backs him up with a jab, and they move back to the center and circle. Again, Madsen connects with an overhand right to the temple of Gormley, but the chin holds up. Gormley delivers a couple more leg kicks. Gormley delivers another kick to the body and may have edged that round.

Round 3: Gormley comes out returning to what he found success with, kicks. Madsen backs him up with jabs and they circle out again. Both men are slowing, but still in it. Madsen gets a double, but they go back to the feet quickly. Again he shoots, but Gormley makes him pay with a knee. Madsen gets a single, takes him down, but gets punished with some hammer fists. Madsen scrambles to his feet, but Gormley continues to punish his efforts with hammer fists. Gormley should have that round.

Round 4: Madsen connects with a big right hand and throws Gormley. A big cut opens up over the right eye of Gormley. Madsen targets the cut with a jab. Gormley gets a double leg, but Madsen scrambles out. Madsen’s dropping his hands and looking exhausted. He secures a take down and gets into half guard. They go back to the feet and Madsen is unloading every thing he has on Gormley. The ref calls time for the doctor to come in and look at the Gormley’s cut. They allow it to continue. Gormley takes Madsen down and takes his back. Gormley is delivering strikes to the body, and Madsen isn’t doing much. Tough round to call, but I give it to Madsen.

Round 5: Gormley delivers a leg kick, but they start slow. Two minutes into the round and not a lot going on. Gormley is trying to let his hands go, but Madsen is still a bit faster. Gormley delivers a couple kicks to the body. Madsen connects on a combination, but it’s still very slow. Gormley is advancing and controlling the pace of this round. Gormley attempts a take down, Madsen answers with a set of punches. Madsen attempts to take him down, and the final bell rings. A close fight, and it goes to the judges.

Chase Gormley def. Jon Madsen by unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 48-47) for the heavyweight championship

Main Card Results

Kurt Holobaugh def. Desmond Green by split decision (48-47,49-46, 48-47) for the featherweight championship
Chase Gormley def. Jon Madsen by unanimous decision (48-47, 49-46, 48-47) for the heavyweight championship
Patrick Healy def. Kurt Kinser by split decision (48-47, 49-46, 49-46) for the lightweight championship
Andre Harrison def. Cody Bollinger by unanimous decision (30-27, 39-27, 30-27)

Preliminary Card Results

Brett Johns def. Walel Watson by Submission, Rear-Naked Choke, Round 2, 3:06 for the Bantamweight championship
Anthony Gutierrez def. Austin Lyons by Technical Knock Out, Round 3, 3:28
Belal Muhammad def. Kieth Johnson by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Brian Davidson def. Estevan Pyan by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Marcus Edwards def. Adam Nijem by submission, Rear-Naked Choke, Round 1, 1:20
Andrew Ulrich def. Bobby Cooper by split decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)

Robert Washington vs. Luciano Santos

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