On Saturday night, the UFC touched down in Rio de Janeiro to bring fight fans everywhere UFC Fight Night 62 live from the Maracanazinho Gymnasium.

In the night’s headlining act former Demian Maia met the undefeated Ryan LaFlare in a highly anticipated welterweight matchup.

Maia (19-6), a former UFC middleweight title contender, was last seen earning decision over Alexander Yakovlev at the TUF: Brazil 3 Finale last May. Prior to this win, the submission specialist suffered back-to-back decision losses over former UFC welterweight title contender Jake Shields and current number one contender Rory MacDonald. LaFlare (11-0) enter this bout looking to keep his professional record perfect. Prior to matchup against Maia, the Long Island native earned four straight wins to kick off his UFC career, with his most recent being a decision over John Howard last April.

Staying in the welterweight division, the always exciting Erick Silva took on UFC veteran Josh Koscheck in the night’s co-main event.

Kosehck (17-9), a veteran of the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter, entered this bout looking to snap a career worst four fight losing streak. In his most recent bout, fans witnessed him suffered a second round submission loss to Jake Ellenberger just last month at UFC 184.  To date the former title contender’s last victory is a split decision over Mike Pierce at 143 in February 2012. Silva (17-5) was last seen walking away with a first round submission win over Mke Rhodes at UFC Fight Night 58 in December. This marked his first appearance in the  Octagon since his ‘Fight of the Year‘ performance against Matt Brown in their main event fight at UFC Fight Night 40 in May, where fans saw him suffer a devastating third round knockout loss.

All that plus a pair of lightweight contests in Tony Martin vs. Leonardo Santos & Gilbert Burns vs Alex Oliveira, a women’s bantamweight clash between Shayna Baszler and Amanda Nunes and a featherweight bout between Andre Fili  and Godofredo Pepey.


Ryan LaFlare vs. Demian Maia

The main event of the evening pits the undefeated Ryan LaFlare against former middleweight contender Demian Maia. The submission expert, ranked 7th, is looking for a second title shot, this time at welterweight.

Round 1 — Almost immediately the two fighters clash, trading punches. The settle in. Ninety seconds in, Maia scores the takedown and goes to work. Maia in side control, LaFlare nearly gives up the back. Maia in mount, landing some short punches. LaFlare trying to buck him off. LaFlare showing a strong guard, but nearly gives up the back again. LaFlare in half guard. This looks to be your standard Demian Maia fight.

Round 2 — Maia took the first. LaFlare is going to need to stay off his back if he wants to be successful in this fight. Swing and a miss by Ryan. Misses with a superman as well, but landed a kick just prior. Maia lands a left. Maia shoots and scores the takedown with a double leg. Passes into half mount. LaFlare is agile enough to stay out of trouble so far, but unable to escape. Full mount. Maia with an arm triangle, but doesn’t have it. Two rounds to Maia as he finishes the second swinging.

Round 3 — LaFlare needs to find a way to be successful in this round, as his current gameplan isn’t cutting it. LaFlare looking to cut off the octagon and comes in swinging, but can’t find his target. LaFlare with a leg kick. Maia shoots but LaFlare escapes. That’s a step in the right direction. Two minutes in, Maia shoots again, LaFlare stuffs, reverses and scores a takedown of his own. Maia manages to escape, looks to snare LaFlare’s leg, and eventually scores a takedown of his own. Once again, Maia is in mount. Begins landing shots to the head and body. LaFlare using the cage to try and push off into an escape. Maia works towards side control. Back to mount, and again LaFlare tries to explode out off the cage but can’t escape. It might have been his most successful round, but LaFlare still probably lost it on the scorecards.

Round 4 — Can we say more of the same? A similar start on the feet, but it’s only a matter of time before Maia shoots. And he does, a minute thirty in, and drags LaFlare down. LaFlare looking for a kimura, but doesn’t have it. And now Demian Maia goes back to work. LaFlare just doesn’t seem to have an answer. Maia with an arm triangle with a minute to go. LaFlare in trouble but manages to survive. He’ll need to swing for the fences or hope for an act of God in the fifth.

Round 5 — LaFlare comes out swinging and catches Maia off-balance. Scrambles out of a takedown attempt. Misses with a big kick. Maia tries to lure LaFlare into his guard; LaFlare is having none of it. Maia shoots, LaFlare defends. This is probably the desperation he should have fought with all along. Maia with a takwdown but in a slick sequence LaFlare winds up on top. Knee from LaFlare hits Maia who tries to lure LaFlare into his guard again. Maia is looking tired. LaFlare has two minutes to to make something happen. Walks into a takedown on a knee attempt however. This could spell the end if LaFlare can’t escape. He does, but with fifteen seconds left, Maia tries to stall as Big John orders him to the feet. Once stood up Maia immediately drops into guard again. Big John actually deducts a point for the stalling move as the round ends.

Demian Maia defeated Ryan LaFlare by Unanimous Decision (48-46, 48-46, 48-46)

Josh Koscheck vs. Erick Silva

In what very well could be Josh Koscheck’s last stand, he takes on Erick Silva short notice in what promises to be an explosive welterweight tilt. Koscheck has lost four straight, and is without a win since 2012. Silva, meanwhile, is coming off a win over Mike Rhodes in December following his loss to Matt Brown last May.

Round 1 — Kos comes out swinging. Silva lands a leg kick to the body. Silva shoots, nothing doing. Standing elbow by Koscheck. He ties Silva up against the fence and works for a takedown of his own. Mario Yamasaki restarts the action. Koscheck with a big swing and a miss, Silva misses on the counter. Silva drops Koscheck with a left and they go to the mount. Silva in Koscheck’s guard with half the round to go. Koscheck escapes and comes out swinging. Silva catches him with a left again. Silva with a spinning back kick, misses but lands a punch. Lands a body kick. Koscheck glances at the clock. Kos with a kick of his own,  and another big swing and a miss. Koscheck pressing forward, but slips, then is caught, possibly stunned. Silva pulls guard has Koscheck in a guillotine choke! The crowd knows the story — this one’s over. Koscheck taps.

Erick Silva defeated Josh Koscheck by submission (guillotine choke), Round 1, 4:21

Tony Martin vs. Leonardo Santos

After what seemed like an eternity we come to our next fight, a lightweight clash between Tony Martin vs. Leonardo Santos, the Ultimate Fighter Brazil 2 winner. Big John has the referring duties for this one, so there will be no phantom submissions. Martin enters the fight as a short notice injury replacement.

Round 1 — The fighters take some time feeling each other out. Santos landing leg kicks, with Martin showing visible damage on his legs. Martin with a takedown, Santos quickly works his way up. Martin retains control, landing knees to Santos’ legs against the fence. Santos seems to be struggling with the strength of Martin. Big John breaks them up and restarts the action. Good news for Santos, as he was much more effective in striking exchanges. Martin however lands a combo. Santos with a swing and a miss. Santos cutting off the cage but opts to tie things up as the round comes to an end. Pretty close.

Round 2 — Martin connects with a leg kick, slips after throwing a right, but he’s looking a little more comfortable this round. Throwing kicks and instigating exchanges. Coming in short notice, getting out of the first may have been a huge motivator. High kick by Martin. Great takedown off a throw by Santos however. Martin is not in a good position, Santos has the back. Martin rolls out of a rear naked choke momentarily, but Santos sinks it right back in, and gets the tap.

Leonardo Santos defeated Tony Martin by submission (rear naked choke), Round 2, 2:29

Shayna Baszler vs. Amanda Nunes

Up next, a women’s bantamweight bout between Shayna “The Queen of Spades” Baszler and Amanda Nunes.

Round 1 — Nunes looking strong, connects with an overhand right. Utilizing leg kicks as well. A front kick follows a combo, and she seems to have Baszler hurt. Nunes’ movement seems to be throwing Baszler for a loop. Baszler dives for a takedown and winds up clinging to a leg. The action moves back to the feet. Baszler throws a lazy leg kick and eats a punch for her troubles. Moments later, a brutal leg kick connects with Baszler’s knee and buckles it. She goes down in pain as Nunes swarms with hammer fists, and this one is over.

Amanda Nunes defeated Shayna Baszler by TKO, Round 1, 1:56

Gilbert Burns vs. Alex Oliveira

Round 1 — Tentative start to this one.  Both fighters circle on the feet; Burns takes the fight to the ground just over a minute in. It doesn’t last long, and Oliveira manages to escape a standing guillotine up against the fence. A combo by Oliveira as they move back to the center of the octagon. Oliveira definitely using his reach advantage. Oliveira has thrown a few big uppercuts and just can’t find a home for it. Front kick by Oliveira. Connects with a punch towards the end of the round as well. Give this frame to him.

Round 2 — Oliveira opens strong and picks up where he left off. Burns wisely tries to tie things up and drag Oliveira back to the ground up against the cage, but Oliveira isn’t going easily. Manages a reversal, and lights Burns up against the cage. Burns escapes; they regroup in the center. Oliveira is looking fresh and still seeking to land the uppercut. Burns throws a pair of leg kicks. Oliveira has opened Burns up. The stand up battle is being dominated by Oliveira. With a minute in the round Burns doesn’t seem to have an answer for Oliveira. They tie up along the fence to ride out the round.

Round 3 — Burns opens the round with a takedown, finally getting the upper hand. Can he capitalize? Burns works slowly, and tries for an omaplota with about three minutes to go. Oliveria survives, but the fight on the ground continues. Burns with an arm bar with about a minute left — he has it! What a comeback!

Gilbert Burns defeated Alex Oliveira by submission (arm bar), Round 3, 4:14

Andre Fili vs. Godofredo Pepey

Coming off a mixed bag undercard that saw one of the worst ref calls in recent memory (a non-existant submission of Drew Dober, who was all class afterwards despite being robbed), we open the main card of UFC Fight Night 62 with a featherweight tilt featuring Andre Fili vs. Godofredo Pepey.

Round 1 — Both fighters looked strong in the opening minute or so, but an triangle up against the fence by Pepey, who jumped into it, changed the complexion of the fight very quickly. Fili managed to defend for a time but remained in danger, eventually tapping. And we’re off to a solid start.

Godofredo Pepey defeated Andre Fili by submission (triangle choke), Round 1, 3:14

 Main Card

Demian Maia defeated Ryan LaFlare by Unanimous Decision (48-46, 48-46, 48-46)
Erick Silva defeated Josh Koscheck by submission (guillotine choke), Round 1, 4:21
Leonardo Santos defeated Tony Martin by submission (rear naked choke), Round 2, 2:29
Amanda Nunes defeated Shayna Baszler by TKO, Round 1, 1:56
Gilbert Burns defeated Alex Oliveira by submission (arm bar), Round 3, 4:14
Godofredo Pepey defeated Andre Fili by submission (triangle choke), Round 1, 3:14

Prelim Card

Francisco Trinaldo defeated Akbarh Arreola by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Kevin Souza defeated Katsunori Kikuno by knockout, Round 1, 1:131
Leandro Silva defeated Drew Dober by submission, Round 2, 2:45
Leonardo Mafra defeated Cain Carrizosa by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

UFC Fight Pass Prelim Card

Christos Giagos defeated Jorge de Oliveira by submission (rear naked choke), Round 1, 3:12
Fredy Serrano defeated Bentley Syler by knockout (punch), Round 3, 1:34