Any card that would have followed UFC 185 would have had a hard time living up the expectations set before it, but never-the-less, UFC Fight Night: Maia vs. LaFlare presented us with some interesting future matchups to consider.

Damian Maia didn’t look spectacular against Ryan LaFlare, but he did enough to get the job done. Erick Silva finally won his first consecutive fight since joining the UFC and Josh Koscheck reaffirmed everybody’s belief that he should retire.

With those victories in mind, let’s make some matchups for the two big winners at UFC Fight Night. It’s going to be easy.

Damian Maia vs. Erick Silva

Tell me this couldn’t easily headline a Brazilian fight night card on FOX Sports 1. The UFC has shown that they aren’t afraid to put Silva on the main event or co-main event in the past and since he’s finally starting to show his potential, a fight with Maia would really build a strong resume.

I don’t want to say that Maia is a gatekeeper because he’s still highly ranked and hasn’t looked to have dropped off significantly in production just yet. If it wasn’t meant to headline a fight night card, I say put in on the main card for UFC 190. It would really add to what already is looking to be an entertaining PPV.

Other ideas:

Maia vs. Jake Ellenberger

Silva vs. Ben Saunders (who he was originally intended to fight at this event)

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