On Friday night, Bellator MMA touched down in Thackerville, Oklahom to bring fight fans everywhere Bellator 135  live from the Winstar World Casino

In the night’s headlining act former Bellator bantamweight champion Joe Warren put his 135-pound title on the line against against the Brazilian Marcos Galvao.

Warren (12-3), who previously defeated  Galvao in their initial meeting at Bellator 41, entered this bout riding a five fight winning streak. In his most recent outing, fans saw “The Baddest Man on the Planet” become Bellator’s bantamweight champion after earning a unanimous decision over then-champion Eduardo Dantas at Bellator 128 . This victory also made Warren the first man to hold two belts in two separate weight classes in the promotion’s history, as he previously held the featherweight title..

Galvao (16-6-1), the Bellator Season 6 Bantamweight Tournament Winner, was last seen earning a decision win over Thomas Vasquez at Bellator 118 in May. Prior to this win, the man known as “Loro” earned back-to-back TKO victories over Tom McKenna and Shely Santana under the Bellator and Shooto banners.

All that plus a former IFL and WEC veteran LC Davis battling Japanese import Hedio Tokoro in the night’s co-main event and a pait of UFC veterans in Francis Carmont and Ryan Couture squaring off against Guilherme Viana and Dakota Cochrane.

Above is video of the official weigh in with full results below. (video is courtesy of the Bellator)

The entire Bellator 135 weigh-in results can be found below.


(c) Joe Warren vs. Marcos Galvao – For Bellator MMA bantamweight title

In the main event of the evening, two weight class champ Joe Warren, the self-proclaimed “baddest man on the planet,” defends his title against Marcos Galvao. It’s the second time the two have fought under the Bellator MMA banner, with Warren taking the first fight via unanimous decision. Lets see how Warren vs. Galvao plays out.

Round 1 — The fighters touch gloves. Quick feeling out process and a few blows traded in the centre, then they move to the fence. Warren with the takedown less than a minute in. Back up, and now it’s Galvao with the takedown. Great guard by Warren. One of the best wrestlers in the game, especially in the lighter weight classes. Back to the feet. Warren shoots across the cage looking for another takedown, Galvao manages to stay standing. Close round so far. Two minutes to go. Warren scores the double leg, Galvao pops right back up. Warren with some knees to the back of the leg. One minute left, a bit of trading on the feet. Galvao with a big knee attempt. Warren avoids a few strikes, rushes in, looks to take the back. The bell rings with the fighters tied up against the fence.

Round 2 — Galvao pressing, Warren takes the back, great transitions to start the round. Galvao has the leg – Warren screams! That’s the fight, Galvao has won it! We have a new champion!

Marcos Galvao defeated Joe Warren by verbal submission (kneebar), Round 2, 0:45  – For Bellator MMA bantamweight title

L.C. Davis vs. Hideo Tokoro

Round 1 — Tokoro with a quick start but seems to be taking risks. Davis appears to be more composed. Davis cutting the angles. First real exchange seems even then Tokoro lands a takedown. Davis gets back to his feet but Tokoro lands a few shots as he does. Davis pressing now. Pushes Tokoro up against the fence; Tokoro reverses. Tokoro lands a couple of straight shots towards the end of the round but Davis manages to capitalize and take it to the ground briefly. Great first round!

Round 2 — More great action in the second. Davis with a great right two minutes in, but Tokoro looks for a heel hook afterwards. Davis escapes and presses the Japanese fighter up against the fence. Trading shots and elbows against the cage. Things move to the mat and Tokoro looks for an inverted heel hook. Back to the feet to finish the round. This is the best fight of the main card (if not the event) so far.

Round 3 — Tokoro lands a big right thirty seconds or so in and tries to take the back. Can’t, but has top control. Half mount and now landing an elbow and trying for an arm bar. Davis yanks free, Tokoro invites him into his guard but not before an illegal upkick. Heat of the moment move, not intentional. Looks very close on the replay, maybe even legal. Action resumes, head kick landed by Tokoro. This is his round so far. Davis ties up the action, Tokoro looking for an arm bar as Davis tries for a takedown. Winds up on bottom but they’re back up after a quick scramble. Tokoro looking to tie up Davis against the cage and land short punches but then winds up on bottom and tries for the arm bar again. Looking a bit cramped against the fence, and Davis breaks free. Tokoro gives up his neck but flips out of the choke. Looks for an arm again. Tokoro lands on top with an arm. Davis breaks free. Great crowd, great fight for this one! Ten seconds left, Davis tries for a choke, and he has it tight. Tokoro rides out the round. Someone’s going to lose, but there’s no loser in this one.

L.C. Davis defeated Hideo Tokoro by Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Francis Carmont vs. Guilherme Viana

Francis Carmont makes his Bellator MMA debut in the second fight of the evening. Carmont was once thought to be a contender in the UFC, but a three-fight losing streak and his style being “not fan friendly” saw him cut and landing in Bellator. Lets see how he fares — and note that he’s moved up to 205lbs.

Round 1 — Viana comes out swinging then lands a leg kick. Carmont answers with a kick of his own then catches a Viana kick.  Some strong kicks by Carmont, who seems to be using his length well. Solid right by Carmont. Halfway through the round, Viana connects with a short right. Carmont seems to recover. While not a barn burner, Carmont seems a little more open to throwing hands than some of his previous fights. Viana connects with a left. They end the round with Viana throwing him to the ground and landing on top in the final seconds.

Round 2 — Still keeping things standing. Viana showing some damage. He continues to push the pace, and then shoots for a takedown. Viana shows either solid defense or just desperation as he manages to stay standing. Viana ties things up against the fence with two minutes to go. Carmont rocks Viana with a right and swarms. Kick to the body, Viana covering, Carmont takes him down while dazed and works for a choke. Viana looks helpless and Carmont might be better served to try some ground and pound. The round ends, and that sequence gave it to Carmont.

Round 3 — Viana comes out strong, probably needs a finish. He lands a left, Carmont lets him know it didn’t phase him.  Carmont with a takedown that likely wouldn’t have worked earlier in the fight when Viana was fresher. On top now, but somehow allows Viana to sweep. He’s in trouble. Viana looks for the rear naked choke. Carmont defending well. Out of the choke, but still with Viana on his back, two hooks in. Over two minutes in and Viana remains glued to his back trying to work the rear naked choke. Carmont finally manages to escape, and you have to wonder if a better or fresher opponent would have finished him in that sequence. Carmont finishes on top, and we go to a decision.

Francis Carmont defeated Guilherme Viana via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Dakota Cochrane vs. Ryan Couture

The main card opens with Dakota Cochrane taking on Ryan Couture. Couture seems to have found a home in Bellator MMA following a tumultous run in the UFC.

Round 1 — Cochrane starts the action, but soon enough Couture has him pressed against the fence. Cochrane reverses, but Couture turns him back around. They do this dance a couple more times before Cochrane latches on to a single leg and scores a takedown up against the fence. Once back to the feet Cochrane appears to be the aggressor, but as he changes levels, Couture takes advantage and manages to eventually take the back. It doesn’t take long for Couture to sink in the choke and earn his fourth straight win!

Ryan Couture defeated Dakota Cochrane via submission (rear naked choke), Round 1, 3:23



Marcos Galvao defeated Joe Warren by verbal submission (kneebar), Round 2, 0:45  – For Bellator MMA bantamweight title
L.C. Davis defeated Hideo Tokoro by Split Decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)
Francis Carmont defeated Guilherme Viana via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Ryan Couture defeated Dakota Cochrane via submission (rear naked choke), Round 1, 3:23


Rashad Coulter defeated Jeremiah O’Neal by TKO (strikes), Round 1, 1:44
Emmanuel Sanchez defeated Alejandro Villalobos by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Sean Holden defeated Tim Roman by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Neal Ewing defeated Logan Nail by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)
Stephen Banaszak defeated Brad Mitchell by  submission (omoplata), Round 2, 2:51
Klayton Mai defeated Xavier Siller by submission (neck crank), Round 1, 3:55
George Pacurariu defeated J.P. Cole via submission (arm bar), Round 1, 2:59

(c) – Champion