The knockout is without question the most exciting part of combat sports. That moment when a fighter falls to the canvas unconscious is utterly exhilarating and it always brings the crowd to their feet. But not all knockouts are created equal.

There’s no such thing as a bad knockout, but some are just more exciting and dynamic. Watching a fighter score a knockout from a big punch is fun, but it doesn’t quite compare to the excitement of seeing a head kick knockout.

As exciting and dynamic as head kick knockouts can be, they don’t hold a candle to the brilliance and brutality of a well-placed spinning backfist. When a spinning backfist lands flush and sends a fighter crashing to the canvas, nothing is more exciting.

A big reason why the spinning backfist is so exciting has to do with the fact that you never see it coming. It’s relatively easy to identify when a fighter is trying to set up a big over hand right or a head kick, not so much with the spinning backfist. They always seem to just come out of nowhere.

The spinning backfist is the MMA equivalent to the 360 dunk in the NBA or a grand slam in baseball. It’s a show stopping moment that simply can’t be topped.

The video above is a great example of that.

At Bellator 6 in Robstown, Texas, Yahir Reyes caught Estevan Payan with a brutal spinning backfirst midway through the second round of a back and forth bout. The knockout was epically awesome.


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