World Series of Fighting 20 has gone through some major changes in the final week leading up to the fights, but never the less they held it together. Following the withdraw of Ronny Markes due to dehydration, Jessie McElligott steps in to fight David Branch in the light heavyweight tournament semi-final. Just after Markes was pulled from the event it was unclear whether or not the title would remain on the line, but it is now confirmed that the winner of Branch vs. McElligott will be fighting for the WSOF light heavyweight championship.

In other news, the co-main event had to be scrapped due to the removal of Melvin Guillard from the event. The entire lead up to the fight was awkward with Guillard refusing to do any media, except for one interview he did where he talked trash about the WSOF. Ultimately, he was removed from the card due to unprofessional behavior and a failure to turn in his medicals on time.

The co-main opening allowed WSOF to move Nick Newell vs. Joe Condon to the slot. Nick Newell is famous for going undefeated in eleven fights as a congenital amputee. His only loss was his last outing against current light weight champion Justin Gaethje. Making his return in his home state will afford him home field advantage and he will be the crowd favorite.  Though the event is much different than it was just days ago, there are still plenty of great fights and story-lines to follow.

WSOF 20 takes place from the Grand Theater, Foxwoods Resort & Casino, in Ledyard, CT and airs live on NBCSN at 9 p.m. EST.

Main Card Summary

David Branch vs. Jesse McElligott- Light Heavyweight Tournament Semi- Final

Round 1: Branch came forward with a solid kick to the body. Then McElligott returned with two of his own. They clinched up, and Branch eventually got a solid take down. In half guard he was fighting to get into a better position, but Mc Elligott was shutting down most of his advances. Branch found his way into McElligott’s guard where he was able to get some strikes in, but nothing really noteworthy.

Round 2: Branch opened the round connecting with a series of heavy strikes that hurt McElligott. Branch then took him down and quickly submitted him.

David Branch def. Jessie McElligott by Submission (Von Flue Choke), Round 2, 1:28

Nick Newell vs. Joe Condon

Round 1: They touched gloves  and Nick was the first one to get off some strikes. Following a brief clinch they reset in the center of teh cage. Newell was throwing some decent combinations, but Condon returned his own. Newell is throwing bombs, but Condon remains calm and avoids any serious damage. Newell lands a set of body kicks, and backs up Condon. After some back and forth Newell scored a big take down, and locked up a body triangle. While searching for the RNC, the bell rang, saving Condon.

Round 2:

Newell immediately took the center of the cage. In the exchanges neither man was able to get anything significant. Newell was searching for another take down, but Condon defended well. Newell then completed a throw, but Condon scrambled back to his feet. Newell was relentless though and stayed with him until he was able to score another take down. Condon got back up, but in the scramble Newell found himself in a dominant north south position. Condon got back to his feet and attempted his own takedown, but had no success. They seperated and Condon started finding a home for his hands. After getting caught twice, Newell shot in for another take down and secured it. That round will most likely go Newell’s way.

Round 3: Condon opened with a body kick, and Newell caught it. Newell wasn’t able to do much with it and after another quick exchange Condon found himself on top briefly. Newell attempted a guillotine, but it was unsuccessful. Condon took his back after maintaining some dominant position on the ground. Newell got out and they reset in the center of the cage. While attempting another guillotine Newell got put on his back by Condon, but got back up quickly. Newell came forward with an exchange, Condon shot in for the take down and Newell spent the last thirty seconds attempting to finish a guillotine.

Nick Newell def. Joe Condon by Unanimous Decision, (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Ben Fodor vs. Emmanuel Walo

Round 1: Fodor comes out pushing forward, but doesn’t do much. They ended up circling for a bit, and then Walo landed two take downs on Fodor. Fodor got back to his feet and then they clinched for a while exchanging a bit. After breaking the clinch Walo landed a solid outside leg kick, and then another. Walo then scored his third take down. While in Fodor’s guard Walo was unable to do much, and the ref stood them up. Again, Walo scored another perfect take down.

Round 2:  Fodor came out with something to prove and landed some solid strikes. He then attempted his own take down, and was close to completion. They clinched against the cage and Walo eventually found his way to yet another take down. Once again, while on top Walo wasn’t doing a lot in terms of damage. Fodor found his way back to his feet, but was still in a sub optimal position against the cage. Walo scored yet another take down. Fodor started striking from the bottom. Fodor was doing more damage off his back, but the ref stood them up. At the end of the round Fodor was swinging with hay makers, but with all those take downs he most likely dropped that round.

Round 3: Walo opens with a solid leg kick as Fodor advanced forward. Then Fodor attempted his own take down once again. Walo was in deep trouble, but found his way out of a very good guillotine attempt. Fodor got back to his feet,  and rocked Walo.  They had a crazy exchange on the feet, with Fodor landing more upper cuts. Walo got another take down, but after another stand up he got rocked again. Walo ended the fight on top, but definitely dropped that round.

Emmanuel Walo def. Ben Fodor by Unanimous Decision, (29-28, 29-28,29-28)

Juliano Coutinho vs. Steve Mocco

Round 1: They came out really respecting each other, but Mocco got off the first combination, followed by an over hand right. Mocco followed it up with another big over hand right, but Coutinho weathered the storm. Coutinho then delivered a solid body kick. Mocco gets the single and completes the take down. On the ground he was delivering some brutal ground and pound when the ref stepped in to stop it.

Steve Mocco def. Juliano Coutinho by Technical Knock Out, (Strikes), Round 1, 4:02

Ozzy Dugulubgov vs. Lucas Montoya

Round 1: The round began with both men coming forward tentatively. Then they engaged with Ozzy swinging for the fences. Ozzy got him to the ground and delivered some good ground and pound intermittently. The ref stands them up, but Montoya was grimacing at and the doctor intervened. It looks like Montoya’s arm was broken.

Ozzy Dugulubgov def.  Lucas Montoya by Technical Knock Out (Doctor’s Stoppage), Round 1, 3:39

Full Results

Main Card- NBCSN, 9 p.m ET

David Branch def. Jessie McElligott by Submission (Von Flue Choke), Round 2, 1:28
Nick Newell def. Joe Condon by Unanimous Decision, (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Emmanuel Walo def. Ben Fodor by Unanimous Decision, (29-28, 29-28,29-28)
Steve Mocco def. Juliano Coutinho by Technical Knock Out, (Strikes), Round 1, 4:02
Ozzy Dugulubgov def.  Lucas Montoya by Technical Knock Out (Doctor’s Stoppage), Round 1, 3:39

Prelim Card- The MMA Corner, 6 p.m. ET

Islam Mamedov def. Leon Davis by TKO (Strikes), Round 1, 4:41
Saul Almeida def. Chris Foster by  Split Decision (29-28,29-28, 30-27)
Matt Secor def. Chip Moraza-Pollard by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Darren Mima def. Johnny Campbell by Unanimous Decision (30-27,30-27,30-26)

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