On Saturday, April 18, the UFC touched down in Newark, New Jersey to bring fight fans a potential number one contender’s matchup between middleweight Lyoto Machida and Luke Rockhold live from the Prudential Center

Rockhold (13-2), a former Strikeforce middleweight champion, was looking to earn his fourth straight win inside the Octagon. In his most recent outing, the American Kickboxing Academy standout walked away with a very impressive second round submission win over rival Micahel Bisping in their main event grudge match at UFC Fight Night 55 in April. Prior to this win, Rockhold picked up back-to-back first-round stoppage wins over Tim Boetsch and Costas Philippou.

Machida (22-5), a former UFC light heavyweight champion and middleweight title contender, was last seen walking away with a lightning quick TKO win over C.B. Dollaway, which came a little over a minute into their UFC Fight Night 58 main event bout in December. Prior to this win, fans saw Machida on the wrong end of a hard-fought decision loss to UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman in the main event of UFC 175 in July. This marked the first loss for ‘The Dragon’ since making the drop down to 185-pounds last October. He kicked off his middleweight career with a first round head kick knockout over Mark Muñoz, followed by a thrilling decision win over Gegard Mousasi.

All this plus a middleweight rematch between Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza and Chris Camozzi, a featherweight contest between Max Holloway and Cub Swanson as well as a women’s strawweight fight between Felice Herrig and Paige VanZant.

The entire recap from the card along with the results from the prelims can be found below.

Main Card Summary


Lyoto Machida vs. Luke Rockhold

Round 1: Both fighters look to take the center of the octagon and establish position.  Rockhold moves forward, backing Machida up but neither fighter throwing strikes.  Both fighters continue to circle and Machida lands some strikes.  Rockhold fires back and appears to push Machida to the ground. Rockhold immediately jumps on Machida and tries to secure a guillotine choke.  Rockhold is unable to get the submission, but he does wind up in top position and lands some punches to the face.  Machida looks to scramble and Rockhold takes his back.  Machida works to his feet and Rockhold drags him back down to the mat.  Machida tries to scramble and Rockhold winds up in top position and lands some more shots.  Machida again gives up his back and tries to work to his feet and again Rockhold drags him down and transitions to back mount.  Rockhold punishes Machida with shots before attempting a rear naked choke as the round comes to an end.

Round 2: Machida is beaten up and slow-moving to start the second round, but Rockhold isn’t capitalizing. Both fighters again are looking to establish position and again Rockhold just throws Machida to the ground like a rag doll and jumps on him. Rockhold has one of Machida’s arms locked up and drops punches and elbows.  Machida tries to scramble but gives up his back and Rockhold immediately flattens Machida out, sinks in the rear naked choke and forces Machida to tap before going to sleep.

Luke Rockhold defeats Lyoto Machida submission (rear-naked choke) Round 2, 2:31

Chris Camozzi vs. Ronaldo Souza

Round 1: Both fighters come out and touch gloves. Camozzi immediately lands a body kick.  Souza answers back with some shots of his own.  Both fighters look to find their range before Souza gets a takedown.  Souza works from top position while Camozzi looks to tie him up. Souza is having none of it and transitions to side control. Camozzi doing his best to defend but Souza has an arm bar locked in.  Souza is able to extend his legs and Camozzi is forced to tap.

Ronaldo Souza defeats Chris Camozzi by submission (armbar) Round 1, 2:34 

Max Holloway vs. Cub Swanson

Round 1: Both fighters meet in the middle and touch gloves.  From there Holloway circles around while Swanson looks to walk him down and find his range.  One minute in and both fighters are still tentative.  Holloway opens up with a combination and Swanson answers, but neither did any damage.  Holloway continues to circle and Swanson continues to walk him down. Holloway is starting to find his range and land some shots. Holloway is opening up and taking the fight to Swanson. Swanson answers with a body kick, but Holloway is able to use his range and dictate the pace of the striking battle.  Holloway continues to circle around and pick his shots and land at will.  Swanson left eye is already swollen and Holloway continues to land his shots.  Swanson looks confused as Holloway lands his right hand at will.  Holloway is doing everything he wants to at this point and Swanson has no answer.  As the round comes to end both fighters stand and trade shots.

Round 2: Round two starts off the same as round one with Holloway circling around Swanson and landing his shots at will.  Holloway appears to be the faster fighter at the moment and is landing combinations at will while Swanson stands there looking to land the one big shot. Swanson looks to land some leg kicks, but Holloway is able to do anything that he wants to.  Holloway is landing two and three punch combinations every time he throws and Swanson has no answer. Swanson continues to move forward, but Holloway continues to punish him with shots.  Holloway is completely punishing Swanson in this round and the fight. Holloway continues to mix up his striking landing punches, knees, and kicks as the round comes to a close.

Round 3: Swanson looks very tired as the third round starts and Holloway immediately moves forward landing strikes.  Swanson continues to throw punches and lands some counters, but he is a step behind every time.  Holloway is landing combinations, punishing Swanson’s body with knees and punches.  Holloway drops Swanson with a body shot and pounces on him.  Holloway gets top position and locks in an arm triangle.  Swanson tries to defend and Holloway lets it go and lands some elbows.  Swanson works back to his feet and Holloway continues to beat him up. Swanson continues to push forward and Holloway continues to punish him.  Holloway drops Swanson and jumps on him immediately locking in a guillotine choke. Swanson tries to fight it off but it is just too deep and Swanson is forced to tap.

Max Holloway defeats Cub Swanson by submission (guillotine choke) Round 3, 3:58

Felice Herrig vs Paige VanZant 

Round 1: Both fighters immediately come out and meet in the center and trade kicks.  The fighters clinch with both fighters landing shots. Herrig pushes VanZant towards the cage; VanZant is able to secure a takedown but in the scramble Herrig gets top position.  As VanZant tries to scramble, Herrig gets her back and works for a choke.  It’s deep, but she is unable to finish it.  The fighters scramble again and as Herrig goes for an armbar, VanZant is able to get to her feet and land some strikes while Herrig holds on.  Both fighters are back to their feet and they immediately clinch again. Both fighters jockey for position and trade shots.  Again VanZant gets a takedown but this time she maintains top control.  Vanzant works some good ground and pound while Herrig looks for a submission.  VanZant completely controls Herrig for the final minute of the round.  As the round came to an end VanZant dropped down for a leg lock but time ran out.

Round 2: Again both fighters come out and meet in the middle with strikes.  VanZant looks to clinch and work Herrig up against the fence.  Both fighters battle for position in the clinch up against the fence.  VanZant works around and takes Herrig’s back and looks for a takedown, but Herrig transitions and winds up on top.  VanZant immediately scrambles and gets the reverse and both fighters are back to their feet and working each other against the fence.  Herrig drops for a leg and gets the takedown, but VanZant immediately rolls her and gets the reversal and winds up in side control. Herrig tries to scramble and take VanZant’s back, but she adjusts and lands some shots. Herrig continues to look for submissions while VanZant continues to land shots.  Herrig works for an armbar, but VanZant stands up and drops her knee down on Herrig and breaks the hold.  VanZant ends the round punishing Herrig from the top.

Round 3: VanZant is the much fresher fighter to start the round and she immediately takes it to Herrig.  VanZant gets the clinch then the takedown and winds up in side control. VanZant begins landing some significant strikes and Herrig is too tired to do anything. Herrig attempts to scramble and is able to work around and take VanZant’s back, but VanZant is able to reverse position and get back on top.  VanZant continues to punish Herrig with punches and hammer fists.  Herrig is trying to scramble and protect herself, but VanZant is relentless and continues to land punishing strikes. Vanzant continues to punish Herrig and beat her up like a school-yard bully.

Paige VanZant defeats Felice Herrig by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)


Luke Rockhold defeats Lyoto Machida submission (rear-naked choke) Round 2, 2:31
Ronaldo Souza defeats Chris Camozzi by submission (armbar) Round 1, 2:34
Max Holloway defeats Cub Swanson by submission (guillotine choke) Round 3, 3:58
Paige VanZant defeats Felice Herrig by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-27)


Beneil Dariush defeats Jim Miller by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28) Round 3
Ovince Saint Preux defeats Patrick Cummins by KO, Round 1, 4:54
Gian Villante defeats Corey Anderson by KO, Round 3, 4:18
Aljamain Sterling defeats Takeya Mizugaki by submission (arm triangle) Round 3, 2:11


Tim Means defeats George Sullivan by submission (arm triangle) Round 3, 3:41
Diego Brandao defeats Jimy Hettes by TKO, (doctor Stoppage) Round 1, 5:00
Chris Dempsey defeats Eddie Gordon by split decision, (29-28, 28-29, 29-28) Round 3