At 11-0, Brett Johns is one of the most interesting MMA prospects in the world. Residing in Swansea, Wales, Johns has only fought in the United States once; his last fight.

Before fighting in the United States, Johns fought his last four fights for Cage Warriors Fighting Championship, where he won and held the bantamweight belt. Johns then decided it was time to come to the United States to fight and he talked about that decision.

“I was with Cage Warriors. I fought four times with them and I won the world title. I had a problem with a weight cut where I missed weight by two pounds and I had to vacate my belt. After that, they offered me the title shot again, but a lot of injuries popped up. We basically got in touch with a management company, Sucker Punch Entertainment, who said that it was time to open our market up in America.”

That switch was a big one because Johns signed with Titan FC and signed on to fight for the bantamweight title against UFC veteran Walel Watson. Johns talked about his decision to pick Titan FC for his first promotion in the United States.

“I looked at the Titan roster and saw all of these UFC veterans, all the way from heavyweight down to flyweight, and there was literally UFC veterans at every weight. There were good fighters at Cage Warriors, but there were no UFC veterans like there are at Titan. If you want to be in the UFC, you need the UFC veterans on your name, and that is what Titan has. That is the reason I left and chose Titan.”

Before Johns fought Walel Watson at Titan FC 33 on March 20, 2015, Johns had a very rough year in 2014. Only fighting once, Johns was plagued by injuries.

“2014 was easily the worst year of my life. In 2013 I fought four times and then in 2012 I fought eight times. I ended up basically not fighting as much as I wanted to in 2014. When 2015 came around, I told my coach that I wanted to be fighting more often this year. I am hoping I can get at least another three fights in 2015.”

Johns talked about wanting to fight UFC veterans and this is just what he got in Watson. He took him on for the vacant bantamweight title, which Johns won by submission (rear-naked choke) in round two. Johns talked about his mindset going into his first fight in the United States against a UFC veteran.

“I have one job when I fight and that is to win fights. Years ago when I fought Judo, when I was a youngster, I fought really good guys. My problem was, whenever I fought really good guys, I gave them too much respect. I would kind of almost give away the win because they were so good. I worried about the Watson fight because I have seen him fight T.J. Dillashaw. I remember before the fight there was a little bit of doubt in my mind. I looked across the cage and thought, ‘Wow I am fighting Walel Watson. Once the bell went though; it was time to throw down.”

Johns defeating Watson was easily the biggest win of his career and his first victory in the United States. Johns is now the Titan FC bantamweight champion and is looking forward to defending it. He talked about whom he would like to defend it against.

“There are some good guys on the roster at 135. Sirwan Kakai, he has put a shout out for the belt. I know that Steven Siler has made the drop to 135. I also know that Gutierrez is on the Internet saying stuff as well. I do not mind taking any of those fights. Whoever they put on the table, I am going to fight them. I look at all the guys there and not one of them stands out to me. I feel like I am on a different level than them. Whoever they pick, really, it is fine. I will be ready.

Johns may be right when he says he is on a different level because many see him as one of the top prospects outside of the UFC. Johns talked about his timetable for the UFC, which many would be surprised to hear, but it was nice to see that Johns has a plan for his career.

“I remember a few years ago in 2013, I was 6-0, I had my seventh win. People started telling me that the UFC will come. I remember thinking that if the UFC called, my coaches and I would have declined it. It is hard to get in the UFC, but it is even harder to stay there. I want to get as much experience as I can before getting in there. I do not want to rush myself in there. I want to be the guy who is like Michael Bisping and Ross Pearson, who stay in the UFC and have a long successful career. There is no question that the UFC is the end goal though, so maybe later this year.”

When asked how he would feel once he got into the UFC, the undefeated bantamweight prospect had a lot of confidence in his answer.

“Every promotion I fight for, I win belts. That is what I do. I fought for Pain Pit and I won the world title. I got the call from Cage Warriors and I won the world title there. Titan called me and I won the world title there. When I get to the UFC, it will be the same story. I will be gunning for the UFC belt. I would love to take on T.J. Dillashaw for the belt one day. I do not mean it in a disrespectful way either, it is one of those things that I would just enjoy being able to do.”

At 23 years old, Johns seems to have his mind on straight, and has all the potential in the world. Look for him to defend his Titan FC belt and maybe even fight in the UFC by the end of the year. Johns was very grateful for all of his supporters and talked about them.

“I am very thankful for the people I train with, my teammates, my family, my friends, my girlfriend, and anyone that has helped me. When you want to be a mixed martial artist, and you want to do it as a professional, you need support. My family has done that since day one.”

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