It wasn’t the co-main event, then it was, then it wasn’t. Regardless, the bout between CB Dollaway and Michael Bisping has been one of the few constants on the UFC 186 card. It’s a fight that should be competitive, and will hopefully bring out the best in both fighters, two men at very different points in their respective careers.

Michael Bisping has had his ups and downs well-documented over the years in the UFC. The brash Brit is still the most recognizable face in the promotion from the mother country, but he has failed to live up to his potential as a title challenger thus far. He has a fantastic work rate and an ample arsenal of skills, yet just can’t get the much needed win in pivotal fights. As a result, he’s looking at finishing out his career as one of the most high profile gate keepers in the promotion, a situation he’d very much like to remedy with a dominant win over Dollaway.

Dollaway had a two fight win streak derailed by Lyoto Machida in December, however, at 31, he’s still in his prime and could have some untapped potential.

What must he do to overcome Bisping?

Outwork A Hard Worker

As mentioned, Bisping has an impressive work rate in the octagon, and that is often his biggest advantage: solid cardio, an impressive gas tank, and a consistent pace. In order to top Bisping, Dollaway needs to ensure that his own performance is able to match, or better yet surpass, Bisping’s.

Be Aggressive

Looking at those who have overcome Michael Bisping over the years, the majority of those successful have brought the fight to Bisping. Rockhold. Kennedy. Hendo. Aggression is key: it is possible to overwhelm him, but if you allow him to set the pace and fight his fight, getting the win becomes exponentially more difficult.

Look To Finish

The biggest thing CB Dollaway needs to do is build off that aggression and look for the finish. Bisping has been finished in four of his seven career losses as a pro, and two of his last three losses (Tim Kennedy was also very dominant in a decision win over “The Count”). Dollaway’s best bet may be to come out swinging — so long as he doesn’t drain the gas tank doing so.

This is a great test for Dollaway. While he came up short against Machida, many do; this is a much better test of where he stands in the UFC middleweight division.

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