We are just days away from history taking place. On Saturday, May 2, 2015, the most lucrative fight in boxing history will take place as Floyd Mayweather, Jr takes on Manny Pacquiao at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

This is the fight boxing fans have been clamoring to see for nearly six years now and it’s finally set to take place. The two greatest boxers of this generation will meet in the ring and legacies will be decided.

Truly, heading into this fight all of the pressure is on Mayweather; he’s the betting favorite, he’s the #1 ranked pound-for-pound boxer, and he is undefeated as a pro. Because many aren’t expecting him to win, Pacquiao will have the luxury of fighting loose.

But it’s going to take more than that for Pacquiao to defeat Mayweather. As one of the greatest technical boxers of all-time, Mayweather’s defensive skills are phenomenal and he rarely takes serious damage. Pacquiao is going to have to fight the fight of his life and he’s going to have to stick to the game plan.

Attack Early

Mayweather is not the kind of fighter who fires out of the gates with guns blazing; he is a methodical tactician who uses the first few rounds to feel out his opponents. This is where Pacquiao needs to be ultra-aggressive. If Pacquiao can keep Mayweather from settling into the fight, then he has a great chance of winning. Mayweather gets better as fights go on so it will be extremely important to score early and often.

Vary Angles and Timing

This is something Pacquiao has always done well; he throws at different speeds from many different angles. To keep Mayweather off-balance this is the key to success. The second Mayweather is able to predict Pacquiao’s attacks it’s all over for him. The more Mayweather has to think about in the ring, the less effective his defense will become.

Don’t Get Impatient

This might just be the most important component for a Pacquiao upset. Mayweather is a master of movement; he frustrates his opponents and forces them to attack impulsively. Pacquiao can’t get sucked into that same situation. Just looks at what Juan Manuel Marquez did when Pacquiao got overzealous in the ring. Mayweather might not have that same kind of power, but he is a technical assassin. Pacquiao needs to be aggressive, but cautious at the same time in order to upset Mayweather.

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