Ovince Saint Preux is coming off of an impressive TKO victory over Patrick Cummins at UFC Fight Night 15. It was his second win in a row and a victory that Saint Preux was happy about because Cummins was a wrestler and so many doubted him after his unanimous decision loss to Ryan Bader.

“That victory was definitely a blessing within itself,” said Saint Preux. “I have been training really hard and I shut up a lot of critics. Everybody was more focused with me losing to Bader than me actually going out there and fighting my own fight. They all thought I was going to lose to another wrestler, so you know, that victory showed I could beat a wrestler.”

The victory was a big one for Saint Preux and he talked about whom he would like to fight next after his TKO victory over Cummins.

“I would say a fight with Rampage Jackson is probable,” said Saint Preux when talking about whom he would like to fight next. “August 8 card is in Nashville. Rampage being from Tennessee, and myself living in Knoxville, I think it would be a good fight.”

Saint Preux’s last three victories have come from KO/TKO, but lately he has been knocking out something else; hunger in Haiti.

Ovince Saint Preux is a first generation Haitian-American and is very proud of his Haitian culture. Saint Preux talked about how being Haitian has influenced his life.

“It had a big influence on my life just for the fact that I grew up in a Haitian house,” said Saint Preux “It was strong. My parents are strong-minded people and they wanted their kids to be strong-minded too.”

So, to help knockout hunger in Haiti, Saint Preux teamed up with Harvest107. For those of you that are not familiar with Harvest 107, Executive Director Gary Pfaff explained what Harvest107 is and what they do.

“The goal of Harvest107 is to provide safe and nutritious food for every person on the planet,” said Pfaff about Harvest107. “To put that in much more of a tangible description, here in Haiti, we are teaching people how to grow organic food. We are teaching them about nutrition as well. So we teach them not only how to grow food, but then also the nutritional qualities of the food.”

Harvest107 is not your typical nonprofit organization because it was created by a twelve year old, who is now thirteen, Gracie Pfaff. Gary Pfaff is Gracie’s father and he talked about how Harvest107 came about from his twelve year-old daughter.

“My daughter Gracie was twelve when she started the organization,” said Pfaff. “I was out on the road touring with my band and then she told me the idea. At the time, I just thought it was something a kid came up with. I thought it was neat, but I did not know how dedicated she would be. Fast-forward almost two years now, but yeah; we have projects going on in the United States and in Haiti. We kind of morphed into it as a family so now it is a family organization and we are all in it fulltime.”

Pfaff talked about Harvest107 teaming up with UFC star Ovince Saint Preux.

“I think it is amazing,” said Pfaff. “I think it is great. What is most impressive to me is just seeing a guy that does not have to back good causes. He does not have to really do anything good like that, but he is with what we are doing. It is great to see the younger generation athletes giving back. So it is really good to see someone with that quality.”

Saint Preux backs a great cause in Harvest107 and he talked about the organization and why he decided to team up with them.

“Harvest107 is definitely a good thing,” said Saint Preux. “With what they are doing with the micro farms are definitely good. Not only can you actually show people a different way of doing things, but they can actually make an income out of it as well. It means a lot to help out. A lot of times you want to help a lot of people, but at the same time you cant help a lot of people. It is something I want to do. Any which way I can help, I want to help. I sleep better at night knowing that I did something positive. Being part of Harvest107 is a tremendous experience.”

Pfaff then talked about what Saint Preux and Harvest107 are doing to knockout hunger in Haiti.

“There is a boys home here in Haiti called Zanfan Lakay,” said Pfaff talking about Harvest107 in Haiti. “It is just this house that eighty former street kids that came from Cite Soleil live in. The neighborhood, Cite Soleil, has been named the most dangerous neighborhood in the world. So these kids that grew up on the street there have been given an opportunity through an organization, http://grangou.org, which we partnered up with, to live in this house. They can get an education, have a roof over their head, and learn a trade so that they can enter back into society. So what we are doing is using the proceeds from Ovince Saint Preux to put towards their micro farm. The can not only eat those vegetables, but they can also go out into the community to sell those.”

The proceeds Pfaff is talking about are the ones from the walkout T-shirt that Ovince Saint Preux wore and sold for his fight with Patrick Cummings. The shirt itself was a silhouette of Saint Preux with words that mean a lot to him and the word Haiti over the heart of the silhouette. Athletes Brand helped out with the T-shirt and Saint Preux talked about winning with his custom Ovince Saint Preux Harvest107 shirt on.

“It was definitely good to win with the shirt on,” said Saint Preux. “I tell everybody that this fight was going to be the most important fight of my career. To get that win and help out Harvest107 made the victory that much better. A lot of the funds went to Harvest107, so to be part of that felt good.”

Harvest107 is a great cause and a family ran organization. Pfaff talked about Harvest107 and what it means to him to work with his family for such a great cause.

“It means more to me than anything,” said Pfaff talking about working with his family at Harvest107. “I have poured my whole life into the music industry and I never thought this is what I would be doing. Having my family with me with Harvest107, I would not trade it for anything. I wish I had this calling or awakening earlier in life, but I am loving every minute of it.”

To learn more about Harvest107 go to https://harvest107.org

Also, you can donate to Harvest107 here: https://harvest107.org/donations/

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