On May 15, 2015, at the Pechanga Resort and Casino, Jordan Parsons will be taking on Julio Caesar Neves Jr. at Bellator 137. This will be Parsons first fight in over a year because of a knee injury, a knee injury that Parsons was not aware of until he got out of surgery.

“When I originally went in for surgery, I got the MRI, and they told me it would only be a couple of weeks recovery,” Parsons told The MMA Corner. “They put me under, they woke me up, and then they told me it was a lot more serious than they had originally thought. They told me that my meniscus was torn almost completely off and that I was going to be out from anywhere from six months to a year. It was difficult to handle in the beginning, but the time just kind of flew by and now it is over. We are here, a couple days away from the fight, finally.”

The fight that is Parsons has been waiting for is against a 30-0 Julio Caesar Neves Jr. Neves Jr. has thirty career victories and of those thirty, twenty-seven of those victories coming by a finish, with nineteen KO/TKO’s and 8 submissions. Parsons talked about his upcoming fight.

“He is 30-0, and has had like fifteen fights in one year that helped him build his record up a bit, but he is about to find out that there is levels in this game,” said Parsons while talking about his fight with Neves Jr. “He is going to finally meet a real opponent. He is confident, but I would say he is on the line of cocky. He drops his hands a lot so I am going to show him what its like to fight someone for real.”

Before this fight that he has been waiting for, Parsons won his previous Bellator fight in dramatic fashion. At Bellator 117, Parsons knocked out his opponent, Tim Bazer. Parsons talked about his KO victory at Bellator 117, which was his first fight for Bellator, and obviously his first career victory with the organization.

“That was the first time I have ever knocked out anyone out cold like that and it felt pretty good; especially to do it on such a big stage,” Parsons said. “Really, I just went out there and stuck to the game plan and listened to my corner. We watched a video before the fight so we knew he was going to drop his hands a little bit and his hand were dropping a lot while we were fighting. They told me to let my right hand fly a little bit over the top. It was a straight 1-2 and he was out on his feet. The feeling was great.”

This will be Parsons first fight since his knockout victory on April 18, 2014, and I asked him if he thought there would be some rust in the cage.

“Oh, no, none at all,” said Parsons. “I have a very tough room out here at Alliance MMA. I train with beasts every single day. This guy is just another day at the office. He gets to see me off the leash. There are no shin guards, there are no boxing gloves, and there is no headgear. There is nothing to protect him from my strikes and what I am trying to do. Those 4oz. gloves…it’s a whole other beast when you put those on.”

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