Yet another UFC Fight Night has come and gone. While the landscape of rankings hasn’t been affected in a dramatic way, the event did shed some light on certain fighters current trajectory and standing.

This week I will break down the winners and losers, and who they should face next. This weeks focus is going to be on the top three billed fights, not including Mark Munoz vs. Luke Barnatt. With Munoz retiring there is obviously no reason to include him. Barnatt has now lost three straight fights and will likely receive his walking papers.

Frankie Edgar vs. Winner of Jose Aldo/Conor McGregor

It’s hard to believe, but the last time Edgar fought for a belt was February of 2013. The former lightweight champion has been on an absolute tear ever since and he deserves another crack at the title. If Aldo wins against McGregor, it’s a huge rematch, and if McGregor wins, it would be an enormous fight to bring to Ireland. There really isn’t a negative outcome that can come of it. It’s well deserved and makes sense considering the general landscape of the featherweight division.

Urijah Faber vs. Raphael Assuncao 

Urijah Faber may have lost to Edgar, but he is still one of the best fighters in the UFC. This match up would be a rematch. In the first outing Faber submitted Assuncao in the third round. The match up would allow Faber to prove he is still in the mix, and also provide Assuncao the opportunity to prove that he deserves the next title shot.

Gegard Mussasi vs. Michael Bisping

This fight just makes sense. Both fighters are in similar positions. They’re in the golden years of their careers and they both remain in the top ten. The question is, can they contend for the belt. If you ask either of them they will confidently imply that they will and that they have plenty of time left, but the clock is certainly ticking. As the younger talent comes in, it’s only going to get more difficult. You could easily label either as a gatekeeper, and neither would be to happy about that, so let them prove themselves against each other.

Costas Philippou vs. Roan Carneiro 

Philippou has now dropped three out of the last four fights that he has had. If he isn’t handed his walking papers, I think Roan Carneiro would be a good test for him. Carneiro is a seasoned UFC veteran who has found a second wind in his career. In his last fight he submitted Mark Munoz and prior to that he won five straight on the regional scene. If Philippou loses to Carneiro he would undoubtedly be cut. For Carneiro it could be a fast track to having to wins over ranked fighters. At thirty six years old with almost thirty pro fights, he needs a fast track if he intends on achieving anything noteworthy in the UFC run.

Neil Magny vs. Winner of Thiago Alves/Carlos Condit

Normally I wouldn’t suggest matching up a fighter ranked in 15th with a fighter ranked 4th in the division, but that’s exactly what I’m going to do. That is, Condit is able to defeat Alves. If Alves wins against Condit, the fight with Magny makes a bit more sense. Regardless of the outcome, Magny would be tested. He has seven straight wins, and looks better and better each time out. It’s time for him to fight top level opposition, and if he could continue his winning ways we may have a new contender by this time next year.

Hyun Gyu Lim vs George Sullivan 

This match up is a good acid test for Sullivan and Lim. Neither man has been in the UFC for all that long, they show potential, but it’s difficult to say where they stand. Talent and power can’t be denied with either man but can they get to the next level and fight the more technical fighters? With both of them coming off of losses, and a combined twenty-one KO or TKO victories between the two fighters you can’t go wrong. The likely hood of a decision is slim to none.

Phillipe Nover vs. Dennis Siver

Phillipe Nover had his chance a long time ago in the UFC. He didn’t stack up then, but the UFC reached out to him when they were heading to the Philippines. If it weren’t for the location of the event, it’s likely that Nover would still be in smaller promotions. With that in mind, I say into the fire. Prove your worth and fight Dennis Siver. Siver is on a serious down turn and his most notable win in the past three years was over Charles Rosa. This fight would tell us a lot about the worth of each of them.

Yui Chul Nam vs. Mark Ediva 

Neither Nam or Ediva have faired well since joining the UFC. Ediva has lost two out of three fights and Nam has won a fight and lost a fight. Neither have faced established talent either. The featherweight division is one of the strongest. If they can’t compete, they shouldn’t be in the UFC. This should be a loser leaves town fight.

Levan Makashvili vs. Winner of Lucas Martins/Mirsad Bektic

The featherweight division is deep, but the UFC is bringing in younger talent to ensure the division remains as competitive as it is. Lukas Martins and Mirsad Bektic have a similar amount of experience and Makshvili should face whoever wins.

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