In this weekends tilt at UFC 187 between Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone and John “The Bull” Makdessi, Cowboy will be sticking to what got him to be recognized as one of the greatest lightweights on the planet. Cerrone has long been a fan favorite in the UFC and before that, the WEC for his fighting style and no excuses attitude. This could be the fight that steals the show at UFC 187 as Makdessi wont shy away from a striking battle.


Cerrone will need to use his footwork and stay off the centerline when “The Bull” starts to charge. By stepping to the side, Cowboy will be able to land his devastating body kicks, which have worked so well for him in the past.

Utilize Reach Advantage

With a five-inch reach advantage, Cowboy should look to fight from the outside, landing early and often, on Makdessi. This will frustrate “The Bull” causing him to rush in and try to land shots on Cerrone opening him up to those body kicks I mentioned before.

Look for the Submission

Cerrone has a distinct advantage over Makdessi on the ground; fifteen of Cowboy’s twenty-seven wins have come by submission. Cowboy isn’t someone that likes to spend an entire fight or even a round on the ground, but when he is on the mat he is very active and effective. As Cowboy has shown in the past when he get his opponent hurt or knocks them down, he will move in for the submission and this fight should be no different. I see no reason why Cerrone wont be able to take the back of “The Bull” and choke him out.

While Makdessi is an up and coming lightweight who took this fight on short notice, he still has the ability to absorb punishment and deliver knockout blows at any time during the fight. Cowboy will have to avoid making this a brawl and stick to clean in and out and side-to-side movement. He’ll need to utilize his striking to pick up a smart win, be it by KO/TKO or submission.

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Scott Bond
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Scott is a Sports Administration graduate from Laurentian University. He has been a fan of MMA for over 15 years following closely the impact it has had on Canada. The business side of MMA is Scott’s true passion, be it the economics of the sport or the worldwide acceptance it has received and increased revenues that have followed.