For the first time since March of 2o11, the UFC’s light heavyweight division has a new champion. This past weekend at UFC 187, Daniel Cormier showed his fight IQ when he found a way to defeat a very powerful Anthony “Rumble” Johnson.

After being dropped by one of Johnson’s incredible punches, Cormier came back and utilized his wrestling skills to shut down Rumble’s offense. So, Cormier made a statement, and definitively captured the belt, but is he really the champion?

After the pay-per-view was concluded, Cormier was trending on Twitter, but Jon Jones was. That says a lot about the situation. There isn’t a past situation to reference that is comparable to this one.

Jones was stripped of his title due to legal troubles. Within the confines of the cage, no one has been able to beat him, including Cormier. Jones has lost the belt to  himself, and in doing so, he has hurt the sport and the legitimacy of the title.

The situation is what it is though, and the show must go on. Dana White has stated publicly that Jones will return to title shot. Until that happens, Cormier is the legitimate champion. He shouldn’t receive negative feed back from fans, because he didn’t cause this situation.

Cormier’s post fight comments said it all, “Jon Jones, get your S— together!” If he didn’t want to win the belt by beating Jones why would he say that. Even Cormier knows, though he won’t say it, the division won’t in correct alignment until Jones comes back.

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