In the co-main event this Saturday in Gioania, Brazil, at UFC  Fight Night 67, we will get to see a highly anticipated rematch between #8 Ranked Nick Lentz and #9 ranked Charles Oliveira.

These to featherweights first met at UFC Live: Kongo vs Barry June, of 2011, where the match was declared a No Contest due to an illegal knee thrown by Oliveira in the second round. At first the knee went unnoticed by the ref and Oliveira secured a rear naked choke for the win, but after reviewing the fight the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission overturned the fight to a NC.

Lentz would go onto loss his next two fights against Mark Bocek and Evan Dunham, followed by a three fight win streak that would put him against former WEC standout Chad Mendes. Lentz would loss this fight by unanimous decision. Lentz most recently fought at UFC Fight Night 40 in May of 2014, where he would take home the victory over Manny Gamburyan via unanimous decision. With Lentz being on the shelf for over a year and this rematch having been rescheduled for the second time, we are all in for a real treat if both fighters can make it to the cage.

These two fighters are both great Jiu-Jitsu specialists with the majority of their wins coming by submission. This could turn out to be more of a Jiu-Jitsu match than an MMA fight if they both plan on showcasing their Jiu-Jitsu. Lentz will want to come out fast and hard and use his punching power if he wants to go for the knockout. With Oliveira being a black belt and Lentz only being a purple belt, it would be in his best interest to keep the fight standing.


Lentz is a former NCAA division one wrestler that has great power in his hands. He will want to use his wrestling to keep the fight standing. If he can keep Oliveira from getting the match to the ground, he will have a better chance in a stand-up fight. Use your sprawl to keep the fight on the feet and use your wrestling in the clinch for some dirty boxing to loosen up the Brazilian and go for the KO.

Go For The KO

Lentz is a hard-hitting featherweight that has knockout power in his hands. Lentz will want to showcase his power and go for KO to prove a point that he would of won the first fight if it wasn’t for the illegal knee. Power is the key essential in this fight. If he can keep the fight up and go for that one punch that will end the fight, it will be a bad night for Oliveira.

Take Out The Legs

If Lentz can come out early and work on the legs of Oliveira, it will give him a better shot at keeping the fight on the feet where he can work for the KO. Use your sprawl and kick often early in the fight and it will make it harder for Oliveira to take the fight where he wants it and that is on the ground. Kicks, kicks and more kicks are what Lentz will want to do in the first round to weaken the Brazilians legs, so he has no chance of taking Lentz down. Take out the legs fast and early and work for the KO victory.

Prediction: Lentz via TKO/KO, Round 2




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