UFC Fight Night 67 is in the record books. After a long lay off, Carlos Condit returned to fight against another welterweight who knows far too much about injuries, Thiago Alves. The Alves vs. Condit fight told us where each of them stand in the division and what their future looks like.

While that fight was the only one that really grabbed media attention there were some other fights that had a significant impact on divisional standings. In other matchups, UFC fans were introduced to new fighters that have the potential to do big things in the future.

Carlos Condit vs. Thiago Alves

Though it only lasted two rounds, the fight told a story. There were a lot of questions about how Condit would look after re-constructive surgery on his knee and the layoff that followed. In round one it didn’t look very good. He looked stiff, and his footwork wasn’t what it used to be. In round two he landed a strike that rearranged Alves’ face and ultimately led to a doctor’s stoppage between rounds. Aside from the strike that left Alves’ nose in his forehead, he dominated from every position. Even still, it didn’t look like the Condit that had the interim welterweight title. Hopefully, it was a bit of ring rust that should be shaken off.

Charles Oliveira vs. Nick Lentz

This was their second time fighting and the UFC played that up a bit too much, but even still, the fight delivered. It was a back and forth battle with Oliveira performing well in the first round and Lentz most likely taking the judges cards in round two. In the third round, Lentz got caught in a dangerous position and was ultimately forced to tap due to a deep guillotine choke. Oliveira asked for more challenging fights in his post fight press conference and he appears to be deserving. Currently ranked eighth, it may be time for him to fight a top five opponent.

Ryan Jimmo vs. Francimar Barrosa

I’m not going to get into the details of what took place during this fight. It was one of the least exciting fights in recent memory, especially for a main card fight. Ryan Jimmo has now lost three of his last four fights and he will most likely be receiving a pink slip along with his paycheck. Surely his recent rants about the Reebok deal haven’t made him a favorite amongst the UFC brass, but even without that piece of the puzzle he probably doesn’t belong in the UFC.


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