As part of its global domination strategy in all things fight related, the UFC launched its “Fight Pass” awhile back in order to complement its pay-per-view and network showings.

Fight Pass is a monthly subscription to the entire catalog of UFC fights as well as the complete fight library of all Zuffa acquired promotions, which include Pride, Strikeforce and WEC among several others, in addition to several non fight extras, including UFC All Access, Unleashed, and all seasons of the reality show The Ultimate Fighter.

Fight Pass also gives exclusive access for at least two prelim events per card. Most UFC fight nights are included as well, though some are “blacked out” in certain geographical areas, for reasons I was unable to find. This does seem a bit misleading as the email that they send out for their Fight Pass welcome specifically states that the subscription includes, “Live UFC Fight Night’s from international territories.” This did not apply to the recent event “UFC Fight Night 67: Condit vs. Alves”, as this fight was “blacked out” for several different countries. One would think that being in Brazil should certainly qualify as “international” for a viewer in the U.S.

That aside, Fight Pass still has lots to offer. Before the card ended, we were able to watch two fight pass exclusive prelim fights in HD. This also comes with the ability to slow down and replay the live fights as well as view the judge’s score cards and fan voted score’s.

The pricing is certainly affordable, while rates can vary based on region, the standard no commitment rate is only $10 per month, with cheaper options available for longer time frames. Overall, it’s a good deal for any fight fan, but it would be a much better if all Fight Night’s were included and not subject to random “black outs.” If and when this particular issue is resolved, there seems little reason for any dedicated fan not to sign up.

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