Last episode ended with Dana White dropping a bomb: They can replace two of their fighters with people outside of the house.

The episode starts with the ATT coaches, once again, giving a pep talk and trying to light a spark under their fighters’ butts. They have lost five of the six fights and are looking for a win in the worst of ways.

Blackzilians then meet as a team and talk about if they want to add anyone. One of their fighters lost and is on a medical suspension so they decide to make a switch and Alexande Pimentel is the new guy they use.

Dana White thinks it is a great move.

ATT needs to replace Creepy Steve, who left because of a seizure, and they go with Cristiano Souza.

Dana White talks about Lambert’s move and says, “It is who he is,” but says he does not know if it is a smart business decision.

ATT then talks about whom they think they are going to choose to fight the Blackzilians. They decide on Nathan Coy and they explain how there are 600 points to still be won.

Coy is 36 years of age and talks about how he wants to be in the UFC. He fights for his family and he talks about his wife and kids.

The Blackzilians decided to go with Vicente Luque.

Born in New Jersey, but grew up in Brazil, Luque wants to start a family with his long-term girlfriend. His father was a rugby player and his mother is a black belt in karate. His dream is to be a champion and one of the greatest of all time

ATT is happy with the addition of Souza and thinks he has the tools to do big things.

Blackzilians then talk about their addition and they have some mixed emotions. They aren’t mad that they made a switch, but more upset that their brother and teammate Nakahara has to leave. They are happy that Pimentel is the guy they added and he says he is ready to fight whenever.

Weigh-ins start and Coy steps up for ATT, Luque for the Blackzilians.

Coy steps up to the scale and weighs in at 170 ¼.

Luque steps up and weighs in at 170.

The fight is set: Coy vs. Luque.

It is fight day and the atmosphere once again is awesome. The Blackzilians clearly have the momentum and this is a huge fight.

Round 1: Coy shoots for a takedown right away and is denied. Luque then drops some heavy shots on Coy and splits him open right away. Coy is losing the standup battle early and it forced him to shoot for another takedown. Luque defended the takedown once again. Coy shoots again and Luque ended up landing two or three really hard shots. Luque was dominating the first round and looked like he was going to finish the fight. Coy shoots for another takedown, but it is again defended. Luque was dominating the fight with one minute left in the first round. Coy took him down, but it was for maybe a second. Luque got right back up, but Coy controlled him against the cage. Luque got off of the cage and they stood in the middle of the octagon. Luque was landing some very hard shots and was dominating the standup battle and the fight right at the end of the round.

Round 2: Luque starts the round dominating the stand-up battle right away. He is landing some very powerful shots and landing them effortlessly. He rocks Coy, but Coy gets right back up. Luque keeps hitting Coy with bombs and looked phenomenal to this point. He started to look for the kill shot with about three minutes left in the round, though and started to throw a little wild. He then tried to kick Coy, but Coy caught the kick and took him down. Luque got back up but was taken down again. Luque got up once again but was controlled against the cage by Coy. Coy then gets yet another takedown but has not turned it into anything so far with one minute left in the round. Luque then goes for a quick Kimura but changes it to an armbar. His coaches are not happy about Luque’s decision and were screaming.

It then goes to round 3 even though I believe Coy did not win the second…

Round 3: The first starts out with Luque landing some hard shots again and easily showing he is the better striker. He landed a hard body kick and started to find his groove again. He landed another body kick that hurt Coy and forced him to shoot for a takedown. Coy got the takedown, but Luque got up right away again. Coy had Luque against the cage and was not really doing any damage. Luque then got free and hurt Coy again. He got Coy’s neck and was looking to end the fight with an anaconda choke. He needed to adjust his position a little, but he did, and he ended the fight by submission.

Vicente Luque def. Nathan Coy by submission (anaconda choke) Round 3

Luque really impressed me and his standup looked a lot better than expected. That is the sixth win for the Blackzilians to ATT’s one win. The gym was going crazy and for good reason. Luque did some serious work in there and Coy just tried to wrestle. The Blackzilians seem to be the team that is well on their way of winning more and more fights while ATT seems to be falling to another low in the show.

The episode ends with ATT realizing it is time to win or they will be in for a long show. I am surprised there was not a long pep talk about how they need to win…

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