This Saturday the main event for UFC Fight Night 68 will see Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch step into the Octagon against Dan “Hendo” Henderson. With Hendo getting up there in age, this could be the last time we see him inside of the Octagon. With a loss to The Barbarian, I would expect that Dana White will be giving Hendo the retirement talk.

For Boetsch to pick up the win this Saturday against Hendo he will need to do the following:

Circle to Henderson’s Right

As people have seen through the long and illustrious career of Dan Henderson, he has dynamite in his left hand; if you need an example, watch his knockout of Michael Bisping at UFC 100. Boetsch and the rest of the UFC roster should have learned from that fight, to survive stand up exchanges with Henderson circle to his right, away from his power left hand or “The H-Bomb”.   This will make Henderson’s striking very rudimentary and much less dangerous, allowing Boetsch to win the stand-up battle.

Punches in Bunches

Boetsch has the advantage in the striking game, to fully take advantage of this he will need to put together combinations early and often. Boetsch will need to work combinations not just with his punches but also his kicks; by damaging Hendo’s front leg, he will slow down the pace and number of his takedown attempts. By putting his strikes together, Boetsch will be able to put Hendo on the defensive and on his back foot and it will cause more punches to land as the fight progresses.

Defensive Wrestling

Defensive wrestling is just that, Boetsch will need to use his wrestling skills to stay off of his back. Henderson is one of the greatest wrestlers to ever compete in MMA; even as he has gotten on in years, his takedowns have still been effective, allowing him win rounds and even entire contests. Boetsch will need to make sure that he stays off his back and if he does get taken down he needs to get back up immediately and keep this fight on his feet where he has the biggest advantage.

Even in the twilight of his career, Hendo with his power, experience and wrestling ability is a dangerous fight for anyone in the UFC middleweight division. Boetsch will have to stay focused during this weekend’s fight; he needs to stay acutely aware of “The H-Bomb” or he could wake up looking at the roof of the arena with the referee and doctor standing over him. With that being said, I see Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch winning by KO/TKO in the first or second round of this weekend’s main event.

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Scott Bond
Staff Writer

Scott is a Sports Administration graduate from Laurentian University. He has been a fan of MMA for over 15 years following closely the impact it has had on Canada. The business side of MMA is Scott’s true passion, be it the economics of the sport or the worldwide acceptance it has received and increased revenues that have followed.