Henry Cejudo is easily one of the next big things in the sport of mixed martial arts.

In the UFC, Cejudo looks to be on another level from his competition. He is 2-0 and both of his wins looked to be tune-up fights for the former Olympic gold medalist.

In his last fight, the former USA wrestler showcased his gold medal winning skills and already had people whispering about a bigger fight.

Instead, he still gets a top fifteen-ranked fighter, but not someone higher than the #10 fighter he just beat, Chris Cariaso.

Cejudo will be taking on the #13 ranked flyweight, Chico Camus. Camus has a professional record of 15-5 and is known best for his striking. That is one reason this matchup will be interesting; it is the classic wrestler vs. striker.

If Cejudo wants to walk away 3-0 in the UFC octagon and 9-0 in his professional career, he needs to follow these Keys to victory:

Tune Out The Hype:

Cejudo has gotten high praise from just about everyone in the MMA world. I have seen rumblings about a possible title shot already for him. As I do agree that maybe he would be the best guy to fight for the belt soon, Cejudo needs to do more in the UFC octagon to prove that. He needs to go into the fight Saturday night and not think about all the talk and hype about his future in the UFC. If he can tune out that hype and fight his fight, Cejudo will be 9-0.

Evolve His Stand-Up:

Everyone knows that Cejudo is a world-class wrestler, but he needs to keep showing that his striking is catching up. Camus is a striker and if Cejudo can show that he can stand and trade with Camus, he will show that he is a legitimate title contender just three fights into his UFC career. If he uses this fight to show his striking has evolved, he will walk away with another victory, and he will show fans he is legitimate.

Use His Wrestling:

When you have a gold medal in the Olympics for the USA in wrestling, you need to use your gold medal wrestling skills in the UFC. Yes, Cejudo does need to show that his striking is improving, but he also needs to show that no matter who he fights, he will take them down and dominate them on the ground. Cejudo may have one of the best ground games already in the UFC and if he wants to walk away with a victory on Saturday, he will needs to showcase those skills once again.

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