UFC 188 was a highly anticipated pay-per-view for a number of reasons. The main event and co-main event had story lines and fighters that make the sport what it is today. The long anticipated match up of former WEC and Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez and former Bellator MMA champion Eddie Alvarez could have easily been a main event on a televised event. The two have been sparring verbally for years. When both man were in other organizations fans and analyst alike argued over which man was the best lightweight outside of the UFC. We got that answered.

By far the biggest star of the event was Cain Velasquez. His well document knee injury and nearly two year lay off had many questioning whether he would be the same fighter he once was. A proud Mexican-American, it made perfect sense from a promotional stand point for him to return on the Mexico City hosted UFC 188. He was faced with a seasoned veteran in Fabricio Werdum, who has looked better and better every time he fights. While Velasquez was sidelined, Werdum captured the interim championship. A title unification fight is always exciting, but this one felt a little more special considering the fighters involved, and the location.

Fabricio Werdum is a Giant Slayer

No one doubted that Werdum was elite, but plenty of people doubted he would be able to compete with Velasquez. The biggest question was how Velasquez would look after such a long lay off, due to such a serious injury. Those two factors seemed to be minor details on Saturday night. Cain looked like he was rubber legged and gassed by the end of round one. Yes, Werdum is a difficult challenge, but Cain gassed due to the altitude. Looking like a fish out of water in round 2 Cain took the advice of his corner and went for the take down. It was odd advise considering Werdum’s world championship level jiu-jitsu. When Cain went for a second take down, Werdum capitalized and cinched up a guillotine that left the now former champion tapping. Werdum not only unified the belts, but he has also solidified himself as one of the greatest heavy weights of all time. The victory over Velasquez is right up there with his win over Fedor.

Eddie Alvarez Justified the Hype

In the pre-fight promo Alvarez said that when he finally got to the UFC, if they had offered him a title shot or a fight with Melendez that he would have, in his heart, wanted the fight with Melendez. It’s difficult not to believe him when you know how long the two men have been going after each other in the media. Coming into the fight it felt like maybe the time had passed for the match up to make as much sense as it once did. They were both coming off of losses, but Alvarez’s stocked had dropped significantly since he debuted and lost against Donald Cerrone. The UFC poll had 76% of fans picking Melendez to win. Those numbers where wrong though. Alvarez did what Alvarez does best and fought out a long hard fight and found his hand raised at the end the fight.

Nate Marquardt Has Nothing Left

Nate Marquardt’s time has come and gone. Like many MMA fighter’s, he has had a lot of ups and downs in his career, but this most recent down turn is surely the end of his run as a pro fighter, or at least it should be. Marquardt’s down fall has been drastic, and dramatic. He came back into the UFC during the Strikeforce acquisition. He was coming in off of a loss, but prior to that loss he defeated Tyron Woodley for the Strikeforce welterweight championship. Since winning the belt in Strikeforce he has only had one win in six fights. While sitting on the stool between rounds he said, ” I’ve got nothing left.” The comment prompted his coach to call an end to the fight. It’s time for Marquardt to find a different method of producing income, because the fight game has left him behind.

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