Episode eight of The Ultimate Fighter 21: American Top Team vs. Blackzilians ended with ATT’s Hayder Hassan beating Blackzilians Felipe Portela by split decision.

It was a bit of a controversial decision and Blackzilians coach Glenn Robinson ended the episode complaining about it. Hassan did have cage grabs that impacted the outcome of the fight, so fans could see where he was coming from, but he just needed to move on and understand it is what it is.

Hassan has given ATT their only two wins of the season and has been very impressive throughout the show.

The episode starts with Hassan and Portela talking about their fight and showing some much needed class from both teams.

This week starts the 100-point fights. The Blackzilians have 200 and ATT has 100, but the fights are six to two in favor of the Blackzilians, showing how important the last couple of fights are.

Dana White says, “These guys need to be very careful in how they select this next fight.”

ATT then starts talking about whom they are going to fight and they talk about going with Steve Carl, who had trouble cutting weight before in this season. They show that he is a little heavy for his weight cut, but the ATT coaches believe in him and decide to go with Carl again.

Carl lost his first fight on the show, in episode 3, and did not make weight right away. He was dominated by the Blackzilians fighter, Valdir “BBMonstro” Araujo, and lost by submission in round two.

Next was the Blackzilians talking about who they are going to go with next. They decide to go with Kamarudeen Usman, who actually won the first fight of the season for the Blackzilians. Usman scares the coaches and says he does not know if he wants to be the first one for the 100-point rounds…He then laughs and shows he was joking and the fight is set.

ATT took some time off from the gym and went on a boat for the day. They seemed to be enjoying the time and loved that they got out of the house to relax with the team.

The Blackzilians took some time off as well; they went out, and coach Glenn Robinson brought their families to see them. It was a very good moment on the show and the Blackzilians seemed to react really well from it. Not that the Blackzilians needed more motivation, but bringing in the families really put everything into perspective on what and why they are doing all of this. Also, the Blackzilians have dominated the show and they even dominate ATT when it came to time off from the gym.

Kamarudeen Usman steps up for the Blackzilians and Steve Carl steps up ATT.

Kamarudeen Usman steps on the scale and weighs in at 170.

Steve Carl, who had weight issues last time he weighed in, weighed in at 171 ¼. Once again, he was overweight.

Not a very good showing for Carl on the show, as he did not make weight the first time and now the second time. Also, he already has a loss on the show.

Carl steps back on with his shorts off and makes weight, but it still was not a good look for Carl.

The Blackzilians then looked like they were filming a video game, but Coach Robinson said it was to show the fighters what they are doing right and wrong.

The fight is ready to start and the atmosphere is exciting. Carl wants to win for ATT and Usman wants to get his second victory.

Steve Carl vs. Kamarudeen Usman

Round 1: Usman landed a quick and powerful jab to start the fight. Usman was landing some solid strikes and looked good on his feet, but he shot for a takedown and secured it. He was not on top of Carl long, as Carl got back up, but Usman shot for another takedown soon after. Carl then reverses the position and tries for a takedown, but Usman defends it well and started to land some very good shots. He shot for another takedown and kept the pressure up for the takedown. They then separated and Usman started to land some strong shots. It forced Carl to look for a takedown, but Usman defended it well and ended the round with some strong ground and pound.

Round 2: After Usman controlled and dominated round one; he started round two with some solid strikes. He landed a couple more strikes early, but nothing really significant. Usman then shot for a takedown. Carl then put Usman in some danger when he grabbed his arm, but Usman was able to get out of the position and throw Carl to the ground. He controlled Carl on the ground and landed some very good ground and pound. Carl then caught him in a guillotine attempt, but Usman was able to get out once again. Carl stood up, but Usman got him right back to the ground. He landed some more ground and pound and with about thirty seconds left in the round he looked to have secured the round. Usman looked great throughout both rounds and dominated Steve Carl.

Kamarudeen Usman def. Steve Carl by unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18

The Blackzilians have now won another fight and the first fight of the 100-point fights. They have a commanding lead and have forced ATT to win the next three fights in order to win this part of the competition. All the Blackzilians have to do is win one of the last three fights and they will win this aspect of the competition.

They have regained the home-gym advantage and they have shown that Kamarudeen Usman is a very good fighter for them. We will see next week if ATT can have someone other than Hayder Hassan step up.

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