Every week, Draft Ops offers a slew of daily fantasy sports games for real money and now that MMA is part of action, fight fans have been flocking to the site to try their hand at fantasy MMA.

We here at The MMA Corner want to help our readers finish in the money, so every fight week, we will offer up tips and advice for putting together your Draft Ops Fantasy MMA contest lineups.

Before we get into this week’s guide, let’s review the basics of Fantasy MMA.

For each contest, participants will be given a $100,000 salary cap to select a five-fighter lineup. The fighter pool will consist of all fighters expected to be competing in the upcoming event. Fighter salaries are determined by their past performances and they have nothing to do with what fighters are actually making.

Fighters score points in two ways. First there is move scoring; +1 for significant strikes, +0.5 for advancing position, +2 for takedowns, +3 for reversals or sweeps and +4 for knockdowns. Then there are fight conclusion bonuses; +150 for a first round win, +100 for a second round win, +75 for a third round win, +50 for a fourth round win, +50 for a fifth-round win and +25 for a decision win. Fight scoring will be based on FightMetric statistical data.

Winning/placing is based on the total score of your five fight lineup.


Bellator 139: Kongo vs. Volkov

Bellator 139 goes down this Friday from Mulvane, Kan., and it will be headlined by a heavyweight fight between Cheick Kongo and Alexander Volkov. The heavyweight fight might be getting top billing, but it isn’t the only noteworthy fight on the main card, we also will get to see Alessio vs. Rickels, Curran vs. Sanchez, and Schilling vs. Kato.


Value Pick of the Week

For Bellator 139, value picks are scattered all over the card, but the best value I can find is Joe Schilling at $5,000. Schilling is a world-class kick boxer and every one of his opponents knows it, so they put him on his back as frequently as possible. This fight wont be different when it comes to his opponents strategy, but his response should be. With having the last few months of camp to get ready for this fight, he has been able to continue to drill getting up to his feet and changing where the fight is going to take place. This is a very significant reason in why I chose to pick Schilling another reason is that world-class kick boxing and that is what will win him the fight. I see the fight ending early in the second round by KO/TKO and Schilling picking up many points for the early stoppage victory and the significant strikes he is going to land in the first and second round.


Lock of the Week

For my lock this week, I am taking David Rickels over John Alessio. This fight has the potential to steal the show and at $21,000, I believe Rickels is going to win this fight in dominating and impressive fashion. I do wish though that style points were awarded for the fighters walk out because Rickels would always be on my team as he always gets creative with how he arrives at the ring. I see Rickels dominating in all aspects of this fight and dictating where it takes place. I don’t see this fight getting stopped by either fighter, so a three round unanimous decision is my prediction for this Friday’s contest.