The episode starts out with the Blackzilians chanting “ATT, GO HOME!” They are coming off of another victory and pretty much locking up the show. ATT now needs to win every single fight in order to win the show.

Greg Robinson says, “Dan Lambert is a piece of crap.”

Dana White talks about how ATT needs to win or the show is over for them and he explains it as a, “do or die situation.”

Hassan talks about how ATT needs to bounce back and explains they are ready to rumble. It seems like it is a little too late to be ready to rumble, but ATT needs anything they can get at this point.

ATT decides to go with Nathan Coy again, even though he lost his first fight for them in the competition. The ATT coaches talked about how he is always ready, but he after losing his first fight, he really needs to be ready this time around.

Coy talked about his first loss and blamed his excitement for him losing the first fight.

The Blackzilians decide to go with Valdir “BBMonstro” Araujo again. They are confident in his ability and say his name fits him because he is truly a beast.

Greg Robinson brings in Michael Chiesa to talk to both teams about winning the show and Harley Davidson. Frankie Edgar is also there too to show the fighters around the Harley Davidson store.

They take the fighters to Harley Davidson to see the bikes they could win if they win the show. It seemed more like filler and advertisements for Harley Davidson, but hey, that is what was happening for a little bit in this episode.

After the Harley Davidson stop, finally the actual show started back up. The fighters showed up to weigh-ins and they knew that this was big fight.

Weigh-ins were at ATT’s gym because of the Harley Davidson stop, but it did not really matter because it was just the weigh-ins.

BBMonstro and Coy step up to fight. Everyone claps and they fighters step on the scale.

BBMonstro weighs in at 170.25.

Coy weighs in at 171.

Robinson then goes on a conspiracy theory that Dan had two fighters cut weight and be ready to fight. Dana White explains that his theory is crazy and says that it is impossible to call and audible during weigh-ins.

Robinson gives Lambert an offer and then Lambert fires back wanting to do a grappling match. Robinson does not want to go for that and then the drama is over and we get back to the show after Lambert makes Robinson look silly.

Coy’s wife and two kids came in for his fight and it got him pretty pumped up. His wife said, “I’m proud of you, leave it all in the cage.”

BBMonstro talks about how the only chance Coy has of beating him is by taking him down. BBMonstro thinks that if he can stop the takedown then he will finish the fight.

The pressure is on for Coy and he knows that this is easily the biggest fight of the show. ATT needs to win all the fights left in order to win, so Coy knows that a loss here will be the end for ATT.

The fight is set and ready to go.

Valdir BBMonstro Araujo vs. Nathan Coy

Round 1: The round starts fast with both fighters throwing some strikes, but BBMonstro tried to kick Coy and Coy caught the kick. He grabbed the leg and took BBMonstro to the ground for a quick takedown in the first. Coy then started to land some good ground and pound and control BBMonstro on the ground. He landed a good left hand that opened up a cut on BBMonstro’s face above his right eye. The round then stayed the same for the most part with Coy controlling BBMonstro on the ground and landing some, but not a lot of ground and pound. With about twenty seconds left in the round, Coy let BBMonstro up and ran away from him. BBMonstro landed a couple good shots to end the round.

Round 2: Round two started with Coy showing that he would not be afraid to trade with BBMonstro, but it turned out to be a bad idea. BBMonstro caught Coy with a nasty head kick that seemed to rock Coy and then BBMonstro tried to lock in a guillotine, but was unable too. BBMonstro controlled Coy for a little, but then Coy got out of BBMonstro’s control and he took BBMonstro down and controlled him. Coy did what he did in round one and controlled BBMonstro for a very long time. He did not land much ground and pound, but he landed enough for the referee not to stand them up. Coy rode BBMonstro out for the rest of the round, but seemed to have secured an easy win.

Coy defeats Araujo by unanimous decision (20-18, 20-18, 20-18)

Coy kept the dream alive for ATT and won their third fight of the competition and 100 points for ATT. The score is now 300-200 in favor of the Blackzilians. Next episode should be awesome because if ATT can somehow pull out another win, the show will come down to the last episode.

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