On Friday, June 26, Bellator MMA touched down in Mulvane, Kansas to bring fight fights Bellator 139: Kongo vs. Volkov live from the Kansas Star Casino. A heavyweight matchup between of international fighters in desperate need of a win in Cheick Kongo and Alexander Volkov served as the night’s headlining act.

Kongo (22-10), a former UFC veteran and Bellator title contender, was last seen suffering a close split decisoin loss to to former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Muhammed ‘King Mo’ Lawal at  Bellator 134 in February. This snapped the Frechman’s two fight winning streak.

Volkov (24-5), the former Bellator heavyweight champion, was also seen dropping  split decision in his last contest, which came against Tony Johnson at Bellator 136 in April. This snapped the Russian’s five fight win streak. Prior to his setback against Johnson Volkov’s last last loss came against reigning Bellator champion Vitaly Minakov back in 2013.


Cheick Kongo vs. Alexander Volkov

After a night full of surprises — the Kato knockout of Schilling, David Rickels’ illegal knee ending the fight he was dominating in a No Contest — we come to the main event. Though first, Bellator announces Josh Koscheck has signed with Bellator! What? Didn’t see that coming. NOW it’s main event time!

Round 1 — Kongo comes out swinging. Volkov makes him look almost short. Kongo looking for takedowns. Kongo looking to find his range. Volkov with a pair of body kicks. Kongo with a leg kick. Volkov connects with the hands and feet. Kongo changes levels to shoot for the takedown. Volkov’s takedown defense is decent but Kongo is really pressing. Scores it but that looked tiring. Not much happening on the ground however. Volkov slowly makes his way back up only to have Kongo drag him back down. Kongo’s corner calling for elbows. Kongo complies and Volkov is opened up — Big John informs the calls it out as the doctor may need to take a look.

Round 2 — Kongo looks for the takedown early and scores it again. Elbows to the body as soon as they hit the ground. Volkov not having much success from the bottom, and he can’t seem to work his way up. Kongo with lots of time to soften him up. Volkov just has no answer, but Kongo can’t seem to put him away. The crowd gets a little restless. Volkov looking for a kimura but loses it. That may have actually put Kongo in a better position. The round ends, and Kongo is up by two.

Round 3 — Kongo shoots again and scores the takedown thirty seconds in. Rinse and repeat — it looks like this will be identical to the first two rounds. Big elbows by Kongo, and he has upped his intensity. Volkov’s corner is yelling at him but he doesn’t seem able to execute. Kongo still working but can’t seem to find the finish. Big John orders them to their feet with just over a minute left, and Kongo shoots on the restart. Volkov with a guillotine, but doesn’t have the strength to hold on after dropping to the closed guard with it. That was the last gasp — Kongo takes the decision.

Cheick Kongo defeated Alexander Volkov by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

John Alessio vs. David Rickels

Caveman Rickels vs. John Alessio is up next. Rickels made his Bellator MMA debut back at Bellator 40. Bellator also just announced a new signing to be named later.

Round 1 — Rickels opens up with some kicks. Crowd is firmly behind the home town guy. Lets Go Caveman chant going. Alessio catches the knee but can’t take him down. Rickels reverses against the cage, they do a bit of a dance, Rickels with a knee and shirt right. Strong leg kick, strong upper cuts, Rickels very aggressive. Alessio counters. Rickels presses again, lands a knee. Body kick by Caveman. Alessio eating some big shots, then Rickels lands an illegal knee. Alessio was about to lose the fight, so a DQ or NC here is possible.

After the doctor comes in, Alessio states he cannot continue after a fair bit of back and forth. The fight is waved off.

John Alessio vs. David Rickels ends in a No Contest due to an unintentional illegal knee

Joe Schilling vs. Hisaki Kato

Some hard hitting light heavyweights are up next as Joe Schilling continues his quest to be a two-sport king against Japan’s Hisaki Kato.

Round 1 — Will Kato stand and bang? Kato lands the first kick. Then another. Schilling’s corner yelling for him to reply. Kato with a big miss. Schilling goes high with a kick, Kato lands then scores a takedown. Schilling works back to the fence. Schilling looking for the upkick. Kato back into guard. Schilling works for a triangle but loses it. That allows Kato to move to half guard. The ref gives warning that Kato needs to work, but the round is ending. Schilling gets back to his feet towards the end and eats a few punches for his troubles as the bell sounds.

Round 2 — Kato warned between rounds by the ref as one of two of those shots at the end of the first might have been late. Kato lands a brutal shot! Short left! Solid KO by Kato! Schilling is out. Kato does to him what we all expected to see from Schilling.

Hisaki Kato defeated Joe Schilling by KO, Round 2, 0:34

Pat Curran vs. Emmanuel Sanchez

Main card time with former Pat Curran up first!

Round 1 — they touch gloves, and we’re off. Kicks exchanged. Some feints. Sanchez looking to establish the jab. Outside leg kick by Sanchez. Throws a high kick, Curran answers with a push kick. Both fighters mixing it up. Curran goes to the body with a punch. Sanchez looks to be getting the better of the early exchanges. Curran with a right. Sanchez lands a leg kick. Sanchez is initiating most of the time. Curran tries a superman punch. Curran rocks Sanchez with a combo with under a minute left! Tough shots. Sanchez recovering but those stung.

Round 2 — Sanchez has a wicked cut over the eyebrow off an accidental headbutt. The doctor is being called in to take a look. We’re on. Action resumes, Curran shoots and lands it. Curran on top. Sanchez bleeding from that cut. Curran tries to pass guard and winds up standing up. He might be wise to storm now as Sanchez may have vision issues due to the cut. Sanchez a little more guarded now. Curran swings, Sanchez answers with a right. Sanchez is still kicking well. Both fighters miss a few. Curran with a high kick, almost caught. Hard right by Curran. Sanchez goes on the attack and lands a handful of strikes, finishing with a knee attempt. Curran with another hard short right. Sanchez connects with a right, Curran stumbles but recovers. Knees exchanged. Curran shoots and hits the takedown again. In guard, ten seconds to go, they’ll finish the round this way.

Round 3 — Sanchez comes out swinging, possibly behind two rounds. Curran still looks sharp, and his counter game has been strong. Curran lands a jab. Curran with a trip for the takedown. Full guard, Sanchez has it locked, but this is not where he wants to be. Curran steps over, working into half guard. Curran active with body and head shots. Sanchez looks to his corner. We’re at the halfway mark of the round. He tries to sweep but Curran is having none of it. Curran takes the back but can’t hang on. They’re back to the feet. Sanchez leads and Curran counters. Curran shoots for a single leg. Sanchez sprawls but Curran transitions to the back and takes it, both hooks in, looking for the rear naked choke. Just over a minute to go in the round. Sanchez manages to make it back to his feet with twenty seconds to go, but it’s a moral victory only at this point as the bell ends the bout.

Pat Curran defeated Emmanuel Sanchez by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)



Cheick Kongo defeated Alexander Volkov by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
John Alessio vs. David Rickels ends in a No Contest due to an unintentional illegal knee
Hisaki Kato defeated Joe Schilling by KO, Round 2, 0:34
Pat Curran defeated Emmanuel Sanchez by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Bubba Jenkins defeated Joe Wilk by TKO (strikes), Round 2, 1:00
Aaron Ely defeated Jeimeson Saudino by submission (guillotine), Round 2, 1:05
Bobby Cooper defeated Pablo Villaseca by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Augusto Sakai defeated Daniel Gallemore by TKO (injury), Round 2, 5:00
Bryanna Fissori defeated Iony Razafiarison by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
Alex Huddleston defeated Javy Ayala by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1, 1:12
Gaston Reyno defeated Greg Scott by submission (guillotine), Round 1, 1:17
Derek Bohi vs. Frederick Brown
Cody Carrillo vs. Marcio Navarro