With Titan FC recently agreeing to a major deal with UFC Fight Pass to exclusively broadcast their fight cards, Titan FC announced their first fight card that will be airing on Fight Pass. The fight card, Titan FC 34, is a fight card that many MMA fans would dream of seeing.

It is loaded with four title fights that include former UFC fighters, UFC Prospects, and some of the best talent outside of the UFC.

In the co-main event of the evening, former UFC fighter Kurt Holobaugh takes on undefeated UFC prospect Andre Harrison. Some think that whoever wins this fight could either get the call back to the UFC for Holobaugh, or for the first time in the case of Harrison.

With the UFC Fight Pass deal, Titan FC fighters now have some of the UFC big guns watching, if they did not already.

Holobaugh, who was released from the UFC after just one loss, has been determined to make it back. Since his release, Holobaugh has won all five of his fights. Holobaugh told The MMA Corner and explained the UFC Fight Pass and Titan FC deal as, “one step closer,” referring to him making it back to the UFC.

Holobaugh also said, “It is another step closer. We will be fighting on Fight Pass and you know that a lot of the UFC staff will be watching it. It is going to be fun. Titan always does great shows, so Titan partnering with Fight Pass makes things very interesting.”

Holobaugh is taking on Andre Harrison on July 18, and he talked about his upcoming fight against the prospect.

“Andre Harrison is a talented guy,” said Holobaugh. “He has a good skillset, but I think he kind of lacks being a finisher. He lacks in his jiu-jitsu game. I think it will be a pretty good fight. I think I am going to submit him in the first or second round. He is not as conservative as guys I have fought in the past, so I am calling a second round submission.”

Andre Harrison is currently 9-0 in his career and has been getting better every time he steps into the cage. He talked about getting the chance to take on Holobaugh for the featherweight belt.

“I was excited. When you are doing what we do [fighters], and doing it on a daily basis, you want to be the best at it,” said Holobaugh. “To have the gold in the organization would mean I am the best featherweight that Titan has. So, I was very excited that I have the opportunity to prove that.”

Harrison talked about the good in the Titan FC and UFC Fight Pass deal for his career.

“The good side would be that certain people in the UFC that might not have been able to watch us on CBS Sports will have direct access to watch us. That is a good sign,” said Holobaugh.

A good sign it is because if Harrison can beat Holobaugh he will be one step closer to getting the call to the UFC. He has a very big step though, as Holobaugh is a very tough opponent. Harrison talked to The MMA Corner about Holobaugh and their fight on July 18.

“Kurt is a tough, tough guy,” said Harrison. “Striking wise, he is definitely looking to throw and exchange with anybody. He is a purple belt in BJJ, so if it goes to the ground he can go for things. If I had to pick a weak point in his game, it would be his wrestling.”

Both fighters talked about why fans should tune in to UFC Fight Pass to watch Titan FC 34 on July 18.

“They are going to see a few wars,” said Harrison. “The title fights other than Kurt and I are going to be great. Kurt and I are going to put on a show as well. This is not a fight that people want to miss.”

“This card is stacked,” said Holobaugh. “You got up and coming guys, former UFC guys, and guys working back to the UFC. Being on Fight Pass and knowing we are going to be in front of the UFC fans, we are all coming to fight. It is going to be a war.”

You can catch the wars of Titan FC 34 on July 18, on UFC Fight Pass.

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