Buckle up, Calgary MMA fans: the ineptitude of the State Assembly in New York may have just delivered you Alberta’s second-ever UFC event, and a great big “sorry about that 2012 card” show all in one.

First, lets review the recent news: once again, New York has failed to legalize MMA in the state. Only this time, it wasn’t because of an allegedly corrupt Assembly Speaker (Sheldon Silver, who quashed MMA legalization attempts in years past even after they were repeatedly passed by the senate, and who now stands accused of accepting roughly $4 million in payoffs). No, this time around, it’s sheer political ineptitude: on the day a proposed bill to legalize the sport in New York would have gone to vote, too many Assembly members simply weren’t present, as many had left for Summer holidays as the legislative session had already run longer than expected. The Democrats control the Assembly, but generally won’t bring about a bill unless it has the support of at least half plus one of the total 150 seats (76 votes). Sadly, too many members had cut out early, and the vote was never made, even with many Republicans ready to lend their support.

Meanwhile, hard working MMA fans in nearly every sector are rolling their eyes at the inability of a handful of politicians to work a little overtime.

All this means it’s another year without MMA in New York. However, that state’s loss may become Calgary’s gain. Earlier this year, Dana White made the comment that Calgary should be rooting against MMA in New York, as UFC 194 targeted Madison Square Garden — but should it fall through, the home of the Flames was next in line. And, as White has stated openly, he owes the city, thanks to the disastrous UFC 149 card. That card was a sellout at the gate, but a victim of multiple injuries to key fighters. Jose Aldo, Michael Bisping, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Big Nog, Thiago Silva (whose injury resulted in Shogun Rua being pulled from the card) — all were teased, but none made the event. What was left over was an interim title fight between Renan Barao and Urijah Faber, the underwhelming debut of Hector Lombard in a loss to Tim Boetsch, and Cheick Kongo decisioning Shawn Jordan.

Not exactly a card to get Calgary excited, and they let that be known fight night.

And as a result, White said, “I owe Calgary a fight.”

Now New York City is off the table as far as UFC 194, which takes place December 4, is concerned. And Calgary “Looks Damn good!!!” according to a text PostMedia News received from White following the failure of the New York Assembly to legalize the sport.

Will MMA fans in the province, once bitten, turn out? Well, that will all depend on the card presented to them — but December cards are often stacked, and there’s no reason to think that the UFC won’t throw them a very meaty bone to make up for the 2012 disaster.

Here’s to hoping Calgary gets the card it deserves. As for New York — better luck next year.

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