There’s just one thing left for Bellator to do.

Just go out and say, “Yes, we’re going to create an old-timers’ division. You want to past stars, another show’s castoffs, and guys past their prime … well, we’ve got them.”

Maybe there’s a market for this. Bellator is touting that the recent Shamrock vs. Slice fight earned their highest rating ever for the show. It was a ‘tent-pole event’ – one main attraction to garner attention (apparently it’s how many clowns can you get in a car … there’s Ken, Kimbo, King Mo, Tito …).

About a week later and Bellator is at it again with the announcement that they’ve signed Josh Koscheck.

Koscheck was once a serious threat in the welterweight ranks, even squaring off with Georges St. Pierre. That was 2007.

Now 37, Koscheck has lost five straight fights. Three ago, he fell to Johny Hendricks in a decision. After a layoff of nine months, he got whacked by Robbie Lawler. Another nine months went by, and then he was KO’d by Tyron Woodley. More than year drifted by without Koscheck taking any more damage, then he came back and got tapped out by Jake Ellenberger. He wanted to quickly rebound from that fight and entered the picture again less than a month later. That fight ended in very scary fashion as Koscheck, foaming at the mouth with his eyes glazed over, was submitted by Erick Silva.

The UFC said at the time it wouldn’t force Koscheck, whose contract had run out, into retirement (likely meaning they didn’t have a front-office job for him a la Matt Hughes and Chuck Liddell).

So along came Bellator. Why?

Because even it’s just for one night, they’ll get some ratings out of Koscheck, who will almost certainly be entered into a rematch against Paul Daley. And as sure as the sky is blue, we’ll all tune in to see what ever-antagonistic Koscheck will say and/or do against Daley who cheap-shotted Koscheck at the end of their 2010 encounter which earned him an immediate pink slip from the UFC.

Bellator will hugely overpay Koscheck, and he’ll take the money. Whatever the price tag, there’s sure to be enough Dave & Buster’s commercials to cover the cost.

It’s another in the long list of overcooked fighters to come Bellator’s way. It’s sad.

It’s sad for the fighter who keeps on truckin’ when better days are long past. It’s sad because more often than not they need the money. There’s no telling how much is in Koscheck’s bank account. Maybe he received good advice and has saved and made good investments.

It’s sad because Bellator keeps bringing in these types of fighters – Cheick Kongo, Ken Shamrock, Kimbo Slice, Tito Ortiz, Lavar Johnson, King Mo, Stephan Bonnar, Phil Davis, Kendall Grove, Francis Carmont – because they have some level of name recognition. It wouldn’t be half-bad if they just came out and said these guys aren’t what they used to be but heck, you all want them we’ve got them. But the way Bellator does it, they seem to want to bring fans this feeling like these guys are really great and you know them, and the other show let them go which was dumb and we’re heroes cause we got ‘em.

So, just do it already.

Just say, hey, we’re done trying to get fans to believe in the Freire Brothers, Douglas Lima, Emanuel Newton, Liam McGeary, Will Brooks and Michael Chandler. They’re great guys, but you fans aren’t buying what they’re selling. Honestly, the shows that appear on AXS TV Fights do more to hype their up-and-coming stars than Bellator does for its young gun champs and contenders.

We’re going to let them go to shows that will know what to do with them. We’re going to bring you all of yesterday’s stars, tell you how great they still are, and showcase them. You want Tito vs. Ken 4, you got it. You want ‘tent-pole’ Friday nights, we’ll do those one a month. You want the most boring fighters alive but whose names you know, you got that too (Kongo, Davis, Carmont, etc.).

Lima could instantly be a real threat in the UFC’s welterweight division. Put him against Carlos Condit, Demian Maia or ‘Stun-Gun’ Kim and see where he stands. I bet fans would be impressed. Newton and McGeary size up well against Ovince Saint Preux and Glover Teixeira.

Bellator … be what you want to be. I have no problem with that. Just stop selling me something you’re not.

Side note … There at moments I feel like I’m picking on Bellator but then I realize it’s because there’s so much wrong.

If any or all of the AXS TV Fights shows had the money that Bellator has, every single one of them would produce a better product. Big investment dollars and a big presence on Spike has been wasted.

They’re just not doing the most with what they have.

They have good, if not very good, fighting talent, but they don’t do those men justice. They have a good, if not very good, analyst in Jimmy Smith, and then tag-team him with a below average play-by-play guy (he’s not close to being a top-five guy, but not the worst by far). They put on squash matches when a little elbow grease in the matchmaking department would go a long way. They have (I’m sure) solid production people, but the shows almost always looks like grey and dismal.

It’s just not the same in MMA.

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Scott Zerr
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