The episode starts out with ATT celebrating Nathan Coy’s victory. ATT then sits in the locker room and there is a motivational speech; like there has been all season.

The Blackzilians are in the locker room and Glenn Robinson screams, “We will celebrate when we win!” The Blackzilians feel that some of their teammates have checked out and feel they have already won. Obviously that is not the case, but the Blackzilians say they are going to win this fight.

The Blackzilians then start to talk about whom they are going to pick and they decide to go with Jason Jackson.

With a smile on his face, Jackson says, “Let’s do this.”

ATT talks about which fighter they are going to go with. They are talking about Michael Graves, but they talk about his drinking throughout the show and how he skipped a training session because he was tired.

They talk about other fighters, but then ultimately decide to go with Graves. They talk about how he has so much to win for and they all get on board with Graves.

Then the episode cuts to the owners challenge. The challenge is a relay race and it is Glenn Robinson vs. Dan Lambert. The winner of the relay race gets 10,000 and all of his team’s fighters get 1,500 each. The owners can pick anybody from their camp, including the coaches.

The race is ATT’s Brian Harris, Sabah Homasi, Christiano Soldado, and owner Dan Lambert vs. Blackzilians Carrington Banks, Greg Jones, Jason Jackson, and Glenn Robinson.

Watching Glenn Robinson and Dan Lambert run was one of the higher points of this show. Also, Jason Jackson has some wheels.

ATT won the race because Dan Lambert beat out Glenn Robinson on the last leg of the race.

Then the show cuts to the “Jersey Shore” drama once again and the Blackzilians were upstairs talking about people saying stuff about other people.

He held the cage, he didn’t hold the cage, but who really cares other than Usman and Sabah.

Then the show goes back to the fighting aspect and it cuts to weigh-ins.

The teams show their fighters.

Jackson steps up for the Blackzilians.

Graves steps up for ATT.

Graves steps on the scale: 170.

Jackson steps on the scale: 170 1/4.

ATT’s Lambert says, “It is going to be a fight, but we like our chances.”

Graves ends up getting hurt while training for the fight and it seems like he is not going to fight, but Graves explains he is going to push through it. ATT still believes in him and Graves still fights Jackson.

The fight is set:

Jason Jackson vs. Michael Graves

Round 1: Graves looked to touch gloves, but Jackson did not. Both fighters traded some early punches and kicks and then Jackson catches Graves with what looked like a low kick and it dropped Graves. Jackson then swarmed on Graves and started to drop some heavy shots on him. He also started kneeing Graves in the ribs and really doing some damage. The referee looked like he was going to stop the fight a couple of times, as Jackson was relentless in his ground and pound. Then, out of nowhere, Graves shot for a takedown on Jackson and secured it. Then seconds later he gets Jackson’s back and was looking for a rear-naked choke. Graves finally got the arm under the chin and somehow ends Jackson with a rear-naked choke.

Michael Graves def. Jason Jackson by submission (rear-naked choke) Round 1 (3:01)

It was really an incredible comeback victory by Graves. He was badly hurt and I do not know how the fight was not stopped before that. Kudos to him though as he stayed composed and somehow got the stoppage. He could not even stand up after he had won the fight. He was obviously badly hurt, but somehow still won the fight. Great showing by Jackson, but he just got caught slipping the slightest bit while he was working his ground and pound.

After the fight, Blackzilians owner Glenn Robinson was extremely angry with the referee not stopping the fight. He was yelling and screaming and an ATT coach had to calm him down. He went outside to talk to the referee, who did not entertain his argument, and he kept going on about how the fight should have been stopped. As I do agree with Robinson, the fight should have clearly been stopped, but it was not. So since it was not, you have to go with it and still compete. The referee not stopping the fight did not make Jackson get caught in a rear-naked choke. It was what Jackson was presented with and he should have dealt with it. Also, Jackson’s kick that dropped Graves was to the groin anyways so if you want to nitpick be fair about it.

Dana White agreed and said, “If anybody should be mad at the referee it should be the American Top Team. The American Top Team was fouled three times in that fight. There was a shin to the nuts, the shots to the back of the head to Graves after taking a vicious beating, and then the holding of the fence. The only one that got screwed by the ref in that one was the American Top Team, not the Blackzilians.”

Well said by Dana White.

We are now tied up at 300 a piece and it goes to the final fight of the show. What a turn of events for the show and it could not have happened in a better way.

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