At Titan FC 34, Cody Bollinger will be taking on Freddy Assuncao. Bollinger stands at 17-4 in his career, but he talked about how important this fight is for his career.

“There have been a lot of ups and downs,” Bollinger told The MMA Corner. “I am still going and I am still very young in the sport. I am having fun, but it is time to make something happen. Another loss, especially two in a row in this level, will make think about what else I need to do in my life. This fight means a lot. Nothing else matters right now. This fight kind of changes everything. It decides whether or not I will keep pursuing or start refocusing.”

Bollinger mentioned how this fight will determine if he keeps pursuing his dreams in the sport of MMA or start refocusing his life on something else. I asked him if a loss at Titan FC 34 would make him step away from the sport and he had this to say, “I am really considering it, man. Obviously I am not really trying too much to focus on that. I am focused on getting the win and getting this fight done the right way.”

He will be focused on getting the win against Freddy Assuncao. Assuncao is currently 8-1 in his career and his most recent victory was at WSOF 8 against Brenson Hansen. Bollinger talked about fighting Assuncao at Titan FC 34.

“He is tough, man,” said Bollinger. “It is another tough opponent for me. I have never shied away from a tough opponent. They called and asked if I wanted to fight him and I said yeah. He asked to fight me before in World Series Of Fighting and I said yes then, but it never happened. It is finally happening and I am thankful for that. It is going to be a good fight for one of us. We both have a lot to gain off of this fight.”

Bollinger mentioned having a lot to gain from the fight and one big reason could be because of Titan FC’s recent deal with UFC Fight Pass. Titan FC 34 will be the first Titan FC fight aired on UFC Fight Pass.

“I am beyond excited, man,” said Bollinger talking about Titan FC’s deal with UFC Fight Pass. “Obviously Titan was already on television, which was a great thing. CBS, in my opinion, did not really promote Titan too much. Being on Fight Pass, the UFC is going to promote it. It is a great opportunity to get a bigger name. It is way more exposure in my opinion. I have already got more sponsors because of it.”

For fans that do not have UFC Fight Pass or usually do not tune in to Titan FC events, Bollinger had some reasons why fans should tune in to UFC Fight Pass on July 18.

“The card is stacked,” said Bollinger. “You do not have to be a big fan of MMA. You can be the average Joe that watches the free UFC cards and you will recognize names on this card. This card has four title fights. They put together a stacked freakin’ card. Some of the best 145ers not in the UFC are on this card. I just think it is an amazing card and for ten bucks, why not?”

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