Vince Eazelle is currently 9-1 in his professional mixed martial arts career. Eazelle has not lost a fight since September 10, 2011 and he talked about his professional career so far.

“I feel strong about my career,” Eazelle told The MMA Corner. “I have good people around me and I am making the right choices. I am always training and keeping my nutrition in check. I am always having fun with the sport. I have just been having a lot of fun. I have a lot of accomplishments and I have met a lot of good people. I am training and sharpening my skills as much as possible. I love the way my career has been so far.”

It is not everyday that someone says the word fun when describing the hard training and dieting that goes into fight, but for Eazelle, he enjoys every last bit of the hard work. I asked him what his favorite aspect of mixed martial arts was and he had a very interesting answer.

“Dude, it is earning it,” said Eazelle explaining his favorite aspect of MMA. “It is the constant training to earn that spot. Some people like to train and some people do not like to train. When you get in that cage and you perform because you put everything you had into training and the crowd is going wild; that is what makes the sport fun. When you got two top trained guys going at it putting everything in the cage; that is what makes it rewarding. Not everybody will understand that until they train like that.”

Eazelle signed on to fight with Titan FC and he talked about his decision to sign with one of the best promotions outside of the UFC.

“It is the next step,” said Eazelle. “I loved fighting on the smaller shows because they have helped get me to where I am today, but branching out to the bigger crowds is what I wanted to do. When you get to the bigger crowds that means you are getting tougher fights. That is why I wanted to sign with Titan FC. I wanted a tougher fight and want to test my skills. I want to see where I am at because I know where I am at and I want to show everyone where I am at. I am going to showcase my skills and I want it to be against a top-notch fighter like Desmond Green.”

Eazelle, who is on an eight-fight win streak, will be taking on Desmond Green at Titan FC 34. Eazelle talked about wanting to fight a tougher opponent and he is getting just that with Green. The CEO of Titan FC, Jeff Aronson, recently said on MMA Power Talk Radio that the fight between Eazelle and Green could be a number one contender fight in the featherweight division. Eazelle talked about the biggest fight of his career that happens on July 18 and if there was any added pressure after the comments from Aronson.

“How can you not be excited,” asked Eazelle when talking about the number one contender fight with Green. “You have to be excited. I do not think it is added pressure. I think it adds excitement. I think it adds some flavor to the bout. It is going to be fun and exciting. At the end of the day, whoever wins is going to get the title shot I am excited and I do not think it adds any added pressure; just excitement.”

The number one contender fight can be seen on UFC Fight Pass, since recently Titan FC and UFC Fight Pass agreed to a deal. Eazelle talked about the Titan FC deal with UFC Fight Pass.

“It was exciting,” said Eazelle. “It was awesome and we are very blessed that we can fight and fans can see us on UFC Fight Pass. It just brings another aspect and it brings another fan base to us. It brings MMA another avenue of fans being able to access our events.”

The fight fans can access the event on UFC Fight Pass, July 18. Titan FC 34 is a stacked card and for the fans that are not sure if they are going to tune in, Eazelle explained why you should.

“Number one, Titan FC is a very professional promotion,” explained Eazelle on why fans should watch Titan FC 34 on UFC Fight Pass. “Second, the card speaks for itself. Look at it. I mean from top to bottom, this is an exciting card. Lastly, Desmond Green and I are going to put on a show. I know everyone else will too, but I know Desmond and I will for sure put on a show.”

Eazelle will look to put on a show July 18, 2015, on UFC Fight Pass at Titan FC 34 when he takes on Desmond Green.

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