What a season it has been, and somehow, it comes down to the last episode. One last fight. ATT vs. Blackzilians with $200,000 on the line.

Dana White says, “Whoever wins this last fight wins the entire thing.”

The episode starts out with Glenn Robinson talking to his team and lecturing them about thinking they won early. He says, “they are going to say, ‘they started strong and finished weak.”

Robinson then announces that they will be going with Vicente Luque for the Blackzilians in the final fight.

The episode then cuts to ATT and they are talking about whom they are going to pick. They ask Hayder Hassan, “If you were us Hayder, who would you pick?” He replies, “Put me in coach, I am ready to play. Lets do this.”

ATT decides to go with Hayder Hassan for the final fight of the season.

It is Hayder Hassan’s third fight in sixteen days. Somewhere in America Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone is drinking a Budweiser asking why Dana White has not signed Hassan yet.

The fighters are set and they are set to weigh-in.

Luque weighed in at 170.25.

Hassan weighed in at 171.

The fight is set and it is: Vicente Luque vs. Hayder Hassan.

Round 1: The round starts out with neither fighter wanting to touch gloves. The energy inside the gym is electric and the fighters came out like it was. Hassan landed some strong left hands early, but Luque landed a few strong shots of his own. Both fighters were bruised and battered early in the round and were going at it. They both had a very fast pace and it seemed that if they would keep this pace up they could gas out. They both just kept trading shots and landing very strong punches. Luque then shot for a takedown and secured it. Hassan got to his feet shortly after and Luque was unable to take advantage of the takedown however he did control Hassan against the cage for a decent amount of time. With about a minute left the split to the center and started trading again. Hassan was throwing some wild haymakers at the end of the round, but none landed.

Round 2: The round starts with both fighters coming right at each other. Hassan seemed to be tired and his coach also thought the same. They both kept trading shots and Hassan finally started to land some solid shots. Luque landed a nice knee and Hassan’s nose got busted open. Luque was landing some solid leg kicks. They both just kept trading shot for shot, but it seemed like Hassan was landing the better shots this round. Luque shoots for a late takedown to try and steal the round, but Hassan defends it well and ends the round on his feet.

The fight seemed to be Luque winning the first and Hassan winning the second. The judges agreed and it went to a third and final round. It was a perfect way to end this season.

Round 3: Both fighters started the round beat up, but totally game for more fighting. They started the round just like the others; both fighters went at each other right away. Luque shot for a takedown and kind of secured it and kind of didn’t. Hassan rolled out of it and got back to his feet. Luque landed a big knee as Hassan kind of leaned into it. Hassan seemed to be gassed and Luque still seemed to have some in the tank. Hassan kept pushing forward though and was landing his left very effectively. They both kept throwing bombs and easily made this the most exciting round and fight of the show. Hassan ended the round strong by landing a couple hard combos and then Luque shot for one last takedown, but again, Hassan ended the round on his feet. The round could have went either way and it went to the judges…

Hayder Hassan def. Vicente Luque by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)


Dana White says, “Holy f**k. Now that is a fight. That’s the fight we’ve been waiting for.”

ATT comes from the dead and somehow wins the $200,000. Hayder Hassan ends the show 3-0 and wins the season for his team.

The Blackzilians locker room was silent and the team looked like they were sick to their stomachs. They are upset, but they realize that they have the $300,000 fight still to come.

ATT beat the Blackzilians 400-300.

Then the teams have to decide whom they are going to pick to fight in the finale.

ATT’s coach Dan Lambert talks about the victory and how the team decides that they are going to donate their winnings of $200,000 to The Wounded Warriors foundation. He says, “Those are the best fighters in the world.”

Glenn Robinson then announces that they will have Kamaru Usman, which is against what the team recommended for the finale.

Dan Lambert then announces ATT goes with “The Blackzilians Killer” Hayder Hassan.

The finale is set: Hayder Hassan vs. Kamaru Usman for $300,000 and TUF title.

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