UFC fans may be upset that UFC 189 is no longer Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor, but some fans have forgotten about the other title fight that is on the card.

Chad Mendes will fill in for the injured champion Aldo to make an interim title bout of McGregor vs. Mendes. This title fight is still not the title fight that fans have overlooked for so long.

Robbie Lawler vs. Rory MacDonald, for the welterweight title, is the title fight fans need to look at so they can get past the sadness of losing Aldo vs. McGregor. The Aldo vs. McGregor fight may have had the hype, but the Lawler vs. MacDonald fight has two of the best fighters in the world going at it.

In my opinion, the Lawler vs. MacDonald fight was a better fight than Aldo vs. McGregor. It may have not got the media attention and hype that Aldo vs. McGregor did, but this fight has all the makings for an amazing fight.

Rory MacDonald has won his last three fights since his last loss, which was to Lawler by split decision. MacDonald’s last victory was a TKO victory over Tarec Saffiedine and before that victory he had wins over Tyron Woodley and Demian Maia. He will be looking to get revenge against Lawler and win the welterweight title.

Robbie Lawler did what MacDonald will be looking to do: avenge a loss to win a belt. Lawler lost to Johny Hendricks on March 15, 2014 and then fought him again on December 6, 2014. On December 6, 2014, Lawler avenged his loss at UFC 181 and defeated Hendricks to win the welterweight title. Lawler is 6-1 in his UFC career and if he can defend his title against MacDonald, he will look to move up on the pound for pound list from his current ranking of eighth.

Lawler has a very tough fight, but here are his keys to victory against MacDonald:

Defend The Takedown:

The last time Lawler and Macdonald threw down, MacDonald took Lawler down four times. Lawler needs to make sure that he can defend the takedown effectively and not let Lawler get him to the ground like he did the first time. If Lawler can defend the takedown, he will be one step closer to remaining the champion.

Land More Strikes:

When MacDonald took on Lawler the first time, Lawler landed twenty-four more strikes and seven more significant strikes than him. If Lawler wants to win once again at UFC 189 he will need to make sure that he lands more strikes than MacDonald.

Do Not Go The Distance:

Look, some people believe that MacDonald won the last time him and Lawler fought. It was a split decision victory for Lawler so it was obviously a very close fight. If Lawler wants to remain the champion on Saturday he needs to make sure that he can finish MacDonald. If this fight goes the distance and plays out like the last fight these two had against each other, MacDonald may be the new champion. Lawler finishes eighty percent of his fights and he needs to make sure that he makes that percentage go up in the welterweight title fight at UFC 189 if he wants to walk away as the champion once again.

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