Andrew Whitney will be taking on William Joplin at Titan FC 34, but before this fight, Whitney has won eleven fights to his three losses. Whitney talked about his career so far and himself as a fighter today.

“I feel like I have done good, but I felt like there is a lot of room for improvement,” Whitney told The MMA Corner. “I feel like I am actually capitalizing on everything right now. I feel like I am the most dangerous as a fighter mentally and physically in my career. I have had three losses, you know, off nights, but the better man won those nights.”

The improvements that Whitney was talking about were things that he has been working on. Whitney talked about those improvements he has been trying to make.

“Just evolving as a fighter mentally and physically,” said Whitney as he explained his improvements he is trying to make. “A lot of times early in your career you take fights with the wrong people because you think you are invincible, but in this sport everybody can lose. So just learning myself as a MMA fighter, you know, I am constantly growing, maturing, and getting the experience that I need.”

Whitney will be looking to showcase his improvements against William Joplin at Titan FC 34. Whitney talked about his opponent William Joplin and their upcoming fight.

“I know William Joplin because I am actually a Kansas City boy myself and so is he,” said Whitney. “I respect Joplin, I respect his gym, and I respect his coaches. I know that he is going to come 100% ready to fight. I have nothing but respect for Joplin, but at the same time, I feel like it is my time.”

Whitney will look to show that it is his time on UFC Fight Pass since the recent deal with Titan FC. The first fight that Titan FC will air on UFC Fight Pass is Titan FC 34, but at first Whitney was told he would not be fighting on Fight Pass. Whitney talked about the UFC Fight Pass deal with Titan FC and how he is now fighting on Fight Pass.

“I was excited,” said Whitney “I was at work sitting down and they called me and I got excited. I then found out that I actually was not going to be on Fight Pass, you know, but I was still excited. I then got a call the other day and they said that they moved me to Fight Pass. I got ecstatic. I was ready to fight then. I am ready to fight now. I know Dana [White] and the UFC guys will be watching. Man, I am so excited to be fighting on Fight Pass because when I get this highlight reel knockout I am going to tell Dana White to send my contract over now!”

Whitney might not be far off when he talks about his highlight reel knockout, as he has had five KO/TKO finishes, but he also has four submission victories. Moral of the story; Whitney finishes fights. Nine of his eleven wins have come by way of a finish and he will be looking for another one at Titan FC 34. Whitney talked about his knack for finishing fights and his mentality inside the cage.

“My mentality is, one of my friends said this, but I am actually from the streets,” Whitney said. “I used to be real hood and he [Whitney’s friend] used to tell me that was my best attribute to my game. You know, when I get mean and gangster. I have been a little too mellow before in my career, but now I am back to being gangster. I like to be nice and professional in the streets, but when I step in the cage; you are fighting an animal. That is what they [opponents] are going to get every time they step inside the cage with me; the old street Andrew Whitney. My nickname should be ‘Street’ from now on because that is what I am.”

You can look for Andrew “Street” Whitney to take on William Joplin on July 18, 2015, at Titan FC 34 on UFC Fight Pass.

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