There’s nothing left to do but have the two most violent men in the UFC battle for the belt.

After winning arguably the greatest fight in company history and retaining his title this past Saturday, “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler will need a few weeks to let his wounds heal and get restarted in the gym. Once that process is done, perhaps even while his mending occurs, Lawler’s next course of action will start to get mapped out.

UFC 194 will take place on December 5th. That might be the night.

If so, or whenever Lawler steps back in, it should be “The Natural Born Killer” Carlos Condit standing across from him.

Arguments will be made for Johny Hendricks, Tyron Woodley or maybe another highly ranked foe. A third tilt, as much as we’d like to see it, against Rory MacDonald isn’t likely to be in the cards simply because you’d have to expect that MacDonald will get a hefty medical suspension to let his nose reassemble.

Condit is the right choice because after what went down at UFC 189, the fans, the media, even the Zuffa brass want more of it. Conor MacGregor was outstanding and is the face of the organization now, but what Lawler and MacDonald did stole the show. It was poetic violence.

And the only possible way it can be topped is by putting Lawler against Condit.

Condit is cut from the same cloth as Lawler. They are pure fighters. They bring it. They know what needs to be done and they have destruction on their minds at all times.

Only two months ago, Condit returned from a lengthy layoff to lay the smackdown on Thiago Alves. He showed to be back in near-prime condition physically. Mentally, he was all the way back. Back to being a killer.

With his fifth-round stoppage of MacDonald, Lawler sports an 87% finishing rate in 26 victories.

After Condit dropped Alves, his finishing rate is an unbelievable 93%.

A trilogy fight between Lawler and Hendricks is there, but it doesn’t make the most sense to take that route.

Capitalizing on the explosiveness of the fight and the night as a whole supersedes rematches and rankings.

Lawler vs. Condit is the match to make.



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  • David McClintock


    I want to see Robbie smash Tyronne Woodly (or however you spell is name) first. Woodly deserves Robbie. Woodly already “beat” Conduit. So why does Condit get to cut in line now? That’s B.S..

    People think this will be oh so great. It won’t because Conduit will back peddle fight just like he did against Nick Diaz.

    Conduit cannot win in a stand up war with Robbie. he will back peddle fight and try to take it to the ground. The stupid judges will grant Condit a desicion win because they are stupid and will reward a fighter who runs. That’s exactly what they did to Diaz and they will do the same thing to Lawler.

    The real war is Robbie Lawler vs. Nick Diaz. Not Robbie vs. Condit. Unforutnately Nick Diaz does not deserve to fight Robbie until he gets back into UFC and defeats a few top 10 guys. .

    • Jim Nikki

      The real war is Robbie Lawler vs Nick “I can’t stay clean to even get a fight in the UFC let alone win one” Diaz? ROFL I should’ve known that was coming after you spelled Condit’s name “Conduit” repeatedly. PS. It already happened 10 years ago…when Diaz was more than just a finger flickin trash talker who can’t stop anyone who doesn’t stand directly in front of him. Condit’s great strategy? Move left for 5 rounds and see if Diaz can even stop it from happening once….He couldn’t.

      • Christopher Flores

        Look, mother fucker… nobody talks shit about Carlos Conduit except Robbie Lawyer.