Desmond Green will be fighting on July 18, 2015, at Titan FC 34. Green himself has fought some very tough competition for someone who has not yet made it to the UFC. Green talked about the competition he has faced that features some UFC veterans.

“My competition has been real high,” Green told The MMA Corner. “I think I fought four UFC vets in Steven Siler, Miguel Torres, Henry Martinez, and Kurt Holobaugh. I have never fought anybody with more than five losses other than UFC vets. I do not like to fight guys with losing records. Also, if you ask me and I am not even trying to be an asshole, but I still say I beat Kurt [Holobaugh]. But that is still a story in itself.

Green is referring to his split decision loss to Kurt Holobaugh at Titan FC 33. It is a loss in which many, including one judge, believed that he had won the fight. Green talked about his split decision loss to Holobaugh at Titan FC 33.

“That still hurts and haunts me until this day,” said Green as he explained the loss he felt was a win against Holobaugh. “I am not a big fan of watching my fights, even my wins and my losses, but I watched that fight the most. I was just so confused at how they granted him the win. I still am. In that fight, it was clear, I landed way more punches. He was moving forward, but I was the one connecting. I caused way more damage and I did not have a scratch on my body. I had four takedowns during the whole fight to his zero. It is what it is though. That belt belongs to me and he knows it. He definitely does not want to fight me. If I was in his shoes, I would grant me the rematch, but again, it is what it is. I am going to get my belt back.”

To get his belt back, Green needs to make sure that he beats Vince Eazelle at Titan FC 34. CEO of Titan FC Jeff Aronson said on MMA Power Talk Radio that the fight could be a number one contender fight.

“I haven’t really watched Vince yet, but I know he is dirty [as in good] and up and coming,” Green said. “I just feel like I am the better fighter. I am really one of the top athletes at 145. If you go back to Weichel and my fight, I was training at like a small gym. It was two other fighters and myself in my camp and they were not even active. I was killing the first round and then I got caught in the rear-naked choke in the second. That just goes back to the level of competition I fought and that will be the big difference. I have a lot more experience than Vince.”

Green will be fighting Eazelle at Titan FC 34, which will be on UFC Fight Pass. It will be Titan FC’s first fight card on Fight Pass since their recent deal with the UFC. Green talked about the UFC Fight Pass Deal and fighting on Fight Pass itself.

I had mixed emotions,” said Green. “I was super happy. I was like yes, more exposure and we got the UFC backing us. We are like the little brothers to the UFC. It is great for me because that is all I need. I need them to notice me and see what I can do. So that is great and then the fan base from Fight Pass will be great and we get even more exposure. The only negative was that all my friends that cant make it to the fight have to buy the subscription. Ten dollars a month is not a lot, but it is a little extra. It is just so much easier to catch free, but in the grand scheme of things, I think it is great for Titan. I love it. Anything that can get me closer to the UFC is positive.”

Green mentioned anything that can get him to the UFC. Many believe that he is a legitimate UFC prospect and will get his call one day soon. Green talked about making it to the UFC one day.

“I know how I am going to get to the UFC,” said Green as he talked about the UFC. “I am going to fight my way there and keep on whopping ass like I have been doing. If you look at me, I feel like I should be in the UFC already. I think it goes back to one of those things where god does not make any mistakes. He wants me to be the best when I get inside the UFC. I am taking it for what it is worth. I know for sure, if I was willing to bet my life on it, I know am going to be a UFC champion one day.”

You can watch Desmond Green chase his UFC goals at Titan FC 34 on July 18, on UFC Fight Pass against Vince Eazelle.

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