On Friday, July 17, 2015, Bellator is heading back to Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT for Bellator 140. This is a quality card with a very good main event. Since Coker has taken over at the helm, they have made leaps and bounds in the improvement of their roster, promotion, and matchmaking. Bellator 140 has a little bit of everything.

The main event is high end, quality mixed martial arts with Douglas Lima making his first title defense against Andrey Koreshkov. Koreshkov will be entering his nineteenth professional fight on Friday night and he only has one loss. That loss was to the dominant, former Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren. While the main event is good, the rest of the card is packed with some big names. Paul Daley, Michael “Venom” Page, and Chris Honeycutt are some of the big names that are competing.

Bellator 140’s  main card kicks off at 9 p.m. est on Spike TV.

Main Card Summary

Andrey Koreshkov def Douglas Lima- for the Welterweight Championship- by Unanimous Decision (48-47,50,45,50-45)

Round 1: Koreshkov threw the first kick, and Lima was defending well. Koreshkov was whipping some spinning back kicks, but nothing was connecting. He then clinched with Lima against the cage which eventually turned into a huge slam for Koreshkov. On the ground Koreshkov wasn’t able to do much, and Lima wall walked back up to his feet. Koreshkov got a deep double, and took Lima back to the ground. Lima pushed off, but Koreshkov gave made him pay for it a bit on the way up. They circled back to the center and Lima landed a big leg kick that knocked Koreshkov down. Koreshkov got another take down, but yet again he wasn’t able to do much with it before the round ended.

Round 2: Lima came out and took the center. They where exchanging and Koreshkov was doing well. He landed a series of low kicks and a big upper cut. Lima ended up landing his own as well. Koreshkov engaged the clinch again, but this time Lima was able to throw him and land in top position. Koreshkov got back to his feet with a knee bar threat and they returned to the center of the cage. On the feet they were respecting each other’s power quite a bit. Koreshkov started to land with his hands, and just missed Lima’s head with a crisp spinning back kick. They engaged in the clinch for a bit again, and Koreshkov eventually got it to the ground.

Round 3: As in the second Lima came out and established position in the center, but Koreshkov was able to back him up a bit. Koreshkov went in for a double leg and got it back to the ground. Lima’s back was against the cage, but Koreshkov was able to drag him back down. Lima got a good sweep, but they clinched up against the cage almost immediately. The ref separated them and they reset in the center due to lack of activity. Koreshkov scores another take down and ends up in full guard. Koreshkov finished off the round with some decent ground and pound, but nothing to significant.

Round 4: They met in the center and they started to engage a little bit more. They were trading back and fourth a bit. Koreshkov seemed to be landing the bigger strikes. He then landed a big body kick and secured another take down. Now in the center of the cage, Lima didn’t seem to have much of an answer for the top control, but Koreshkove wasn’t really doing any damage. Lima got another  good sweep, but Koreshkov reversed it and ended up back on top. Lima was able to get back up again, but Koreshkov immediately grabbed a single, picked up Lima, and slammed him. The ref stood them up shortly there after and the round came to an end.

Round 5: Koreshkov came out aggressive, but Lima was able to avoid most of it. Lima was being very defensive, and tentative.  Koreshkov after a bit of success with his hands, engaged the clinch against the cage. Lima got out of it with an elbow. They started to throw more volume, but then Koreshkov clinched again. They separated started trading. Lima ended the round well, but it would be a shocker if he didn’t lose his belt.


Paul Daley def. Dennis Olson by TKO, Round 2, 1:12

Round 1: Olson came out aggressive at first but daily made him pay for it. Then Olson scored a take down, but didn’t really do any damage. Daley got back to his feet briefly, then they went back to the round with Daley in top position. Olson made an attempt on an arm bar, but Daley slipped right out. Daley then unloaded a some quality ground and pound before backing up and letting Olson up. Olson immediately clinched, but Daley defended well and landed some good strikes. Once again, Olson was able to take him down. Olson attempted a guillotine, but Daley slipped right out and ended up in top control. Daley was able to land some big strikes while Olson was on the ground. The round ended with Olson trying to secure an arm-bar, but failing.

Round 2: In the opening seconds Olson threw a low kick, that Daley grabbed a hold of. Olson fell down, and Daley capitalized by throwing everything he had at the winded Olson. The fight ended by tko.

Brennan Ward Def. Roger Carroll by Knock Out, Round 1, 2:06

Paul Bradley vs. Chris Honeycutt- No Contest, Doctor Stoppage due to an Accidental Head Butt. Round 2, 2:42

Michael Page def.  Rudy Bears by Knock Out, Round 1, 1:05


Dean Hancock def. Alex Dunworth by TKO (corner stoppage), Round 2, 2:14
Kaline Mederos def. Sarah Payant by Submission (Kimura), Round 1, 3:24
Ryan Quinn def. Waylon Lowe by Submission (Guillotine), Round 2, 2:47
Remo Cardarelli def. Billy Giovanella by Unanimous Decision, (30-27,29-28,29-28)
Kin Moy def. Blair Tugman by Submission (Triangle), Round 3, 3:01
Parker Porter def. Eric Bedard by Submission (Americana), Round 2, 2:51
Ilya Kotau def. Nicholas Sergiacomi by Submission (RNC), Round 1, 2:17

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