In the UFC, there are three kinds of main card fighters. There are contenders, there are the top up and comers, and then, there are the exciting fan favorites. As the UFC’s all-time leader in post-fight bonuses with 13, Joe Lauzon falls into that third category.

Every time Lauzon steps into the cage, fans pay attention because they know they are about to see one of the most entertaining fights of the evening. Win or lose, Lauzon leaves it all in the cage for fans and they appreciate him for it.

Lauzon is a dying breed of fighter in the UFC today; one who truly goes big or goes home. On Saturday, July 25, 2015, at UFC on Fox 16 in Chicago, Lauzon will battle it out with another of the sport’s dying breed in the form of MMA legend, Takanori Gomi.

Even though Gomi’s experience and power will pose a huge threat to him, Lauzon has all of the tools to defeat the legend.

Stay Technical on the Feet

What makes Gomi so dangerous on the feet is his power coupled with his unorthodox striking attack. Gomi attacks with big looping punches from weird angles and that generally frustrates his opponents and forces them into sloppy brawls. Lauzon doesn’t have the greatest chin, so he can’t afford to brawl or eat any of Gomi’s big shots. Lauzon needs to stay crisp and sharp on the feet and he can’t get baited into a brawl.

Get the Fight to the Ground

Ultimately, Lauzon’s best defense against Gomi’s power will be to get the fight to the ground. This could be difficult given Gomi’s strong wrestling background, but Lauzon is extremely crafty. Because Lauzon is extremely skilled off of his back, he also has the option of pulling guard to get the fight to the ground. Being on the bottom against Gomi isn’t a great option, but Lauzon has the guard game to keep Gomi from exploding with ground and pound.

Attack with Submissions

If there is one major weakness in Gomi’s game, it’s his submission defense. Six of Gomi’s 10 career losses have come by way of submission. With 18 career wins by submission, Gomi’s weakness just so happens to be Lauzon’s biggest weapon. Lauzon needs to attack and threaten with submissions early and often.

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